Roasted Vegetable & Herbed Goat Cheese Paninis

Roasted-Vegetable-&-Herbed-Goat-Cheese-Paninis-2 I really have nothing to offer you today but this panini.

Really.  I mean, I thought about writing about the two large pots of mums I impulse-bought yesterday. I love mums, and every fall, I see them, neatly placed on the front steps of more put-together people’s houses. As I drove home yesterday, I saw them on display in a local nursery’s outdoor section, and pretty much slammed on the brakes, unbuckled both kids, and bought two pots, just like that. I thought about telling you how I came around the corner this morning only to find Owen very carefully picking off the unopened bulbs of one of the plants and how we had a long and very sobering conversation about how we just can’t do that again because those “balls” will never become flowers once they’re dead..and how he keeps asking me if everything is dead now and I fear I’ve done something irreparable to his little psyche.

But really, all of that is pretty routine, pretty par for the course.

I thought about writing about a moment I have every day around 2:15 in the afternoon.

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