A Midsummer Night’s Flu


I know what you’re thinking: Wow! Liz must be off on some glorious summer vacation, picking wild blueberries or something; that must be the cause of this severe lack of recent blog posts.

But, friends, let me tell you, the exact opposite has been my lot this past week. I have spent the last five days being repeatedly run over by the Flu Truck.

It started Tuesday night with a crushing headache. What’s funny about that is the very same night, Owen woke up six different times, which is really uncharacteristic for him. Turns out, I could not move, so Eric got up all six times. It was not a great night for any of us.

While Owen woke up on Wednesday morning with a runny nose, I slept until TWO that afternoon, getting up just a couple times to choke down some saltines and sprint towards the bathroom. All in all, between Tuesday night and Wednesday night, I slept eighteen hours while Eric and his brother David (who was visiting, lucky him) wrestled down Owen to wipe his nose every eight minutes.

sickI spent the next two days between my bed and the bathroom, trying to keep much of anything down. By Saturday morning, I’d had it. I was not feeling any better, and my mouth felt like cotton, so naturally I started crying. At this point, Eric encouraged me to call an on-call nurse as well as my ever-helpful RN sister Jean, who both urged me to head to the ER because, to them, I sounded dehydrated, and they were a little worried about the potential existence of some crazy form of food poisoning.

So, our sweet friends Darren and Rachel kindly took Runny-Nose-McGee in, while Eric and I spent a riveting afternoon at the ER. No bacteria here, but they did IV me full of fluids and anti-nausea meds, which left me feeling the best I had in days.

And so here we are today. I feel better and have made far fewer trips to the bathroom, but my body kind of feels like a bear is sitting on it. Minimal amounts of movement are kind of exhausting, and mostly I just want to be laying down.

The moral of the story? There should be no flu in the summer. And Eric has officially cinched his title as Dad & Husband of the Year by keeping our house from imploding, our sick and needy son relatively happy, and himself healthy.

The end.
Back to blogging this week. I have some great recipes for you, which I hope you’ll enjoy while I work my way back into eating with some plain toast. Huzzah.

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18 thoughts on “A Midsummer Night’s Flu

  1. Ugh, I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick. We’ve been dealing with the same-ish things over here and it’s the worst! Terrible no matter what, but even worse in the summer when the sun’s shining and everyone else is at the pool!

    • I hear you, Heather – and I’m sorry your little one’s been sick too. Owen’s just got some sniffles and some neediness to contend with, but I’m PRAYING against this stomach bug for him!

  2. What some people will do to get out of blogging! My excuse really was that I was up north picking wild blueberries. (Not entirely true. Although I was out picking. I’ve just been swamped with other things!)
    Give yourself plenty of time to recover. We will be okay without a recipe for a little while.

  3. Oh no!! How awful! Moms should never have to be sick. Ever. Unless, by chance, their moms are visiting to take care of them and everything else. I hope you are on the mend. Do take your time, this sounds like quite the ordeal. It’s been a sick summer for us too. Hopefully cold season is not as exciting. :)

    • Haha – I was completely thinking the same thing all last week…that I wished I could just teleport my mom here! Eric did his heroic best, though, and we all somehow survived.

  4. Flu in the summer…I think there should be laws against that. Actually think that 3 or 4 day bout of 60 degree weather sent most Minnesotans immune system in a tailspin. Hope you’re on the mend, but I agree with Margie, my excuses for lack of blog posts are a lot less honorable than mad dashes to the toilet! Take care!

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