farmers-market-mill-cityThe short version: Carpé Season is about preparing and eating food when it’s in season as well as about embracing life’s seasonal nature.

The ManiFEASTo version:
I believe that food tastes better when it’s in season and has not traveled for days to meet my mouth. In other words, I’d be no fun either if you took me from California in July to eat dinner with you during winter in Minnesota.
I believe we were meant to be flexitarians (surprisingly, not a dinosaur, though ironically, probably descriptive of how some dinosaurs ate). Flexitarians are those who eat a lot of produce and whole grains and just a little bit of meat.
But most importantly, I believe that food is a human connector. It’s what has brought people together in community and joy for ages. And some of the best times I’ve had with people have been with good food too. Especially if there’s cheese involved.

What’s with the name?
For the Latin-challenged, “carpé season” has nothing to do with carp or any other ugly fish. I have no interest in discussing  seasonal carp-fishing regulations on this blog. Rather, just as carpé diem means to seize the day and make the most of it, so Carpé Season is a call to not only recognize the changing seasons but to enjoy them, embrace them, and eat within them. Seize the season. Carpé Season!


Hi! I’m Liz.
I am thirty years old, living in Minneapolis, which takes its stalwart citizens from 105*F to -45*F in one year’s time. True story.
I am married to Eric, whom I love unimaginably, and who has eaten, without complaint, everything I’ve ever tried to make. His web-designing super skills are also the reason this website exists.
I used to be an ESL teacher, but since having our son Owen and his baby sister Elsa, I have the pleasure of being a stay-at-home mom and chasing two little ones around.



I am an official grammar geek and will be forever mortified if I ever publish a blatant spelling or grammar error on this blog…except for unnecessary ellipses, which I unashamedly use like all the cool kids.


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Birthday, part 4: a leisurely and delicious date with my main squeeze @ericberget at Tilia tonight. Thank you @davethefight &@juliadawn25 for putting our babies to sleep! #adaywithoutdishes

Birthday, part 3: bared grass and bare feet are a first for this January birthday girl! Hooray for a high of 45 degrees!

Birthday, part 2: a tall Thai coffee at Blue Moon, by myself. Thank you, @ericberget ! #adaywithoutdishes

Perfect start to my birthday: breakfast at Victor's with Eric, Owen, and Elsa. #adaywithoutdishes

Well, Elsa's first birthday party is complete, and we have this much cake leftover. So much for starting my sugar fast on Monday.

Getting my cake-decorating nerd on for Elsa's birthday party tomorrow. (She is crazy about dogs! ) #homemadecake #homemadefrosting

Go Elsa, It's your birthday, We gonna party like it's your birthday. #actuallyherbirthday #thatsherjaaaaam

A year ago right now, I was standing outside in a polar vortex wind tunnel, shoving books into the library return slot and desperately trying not to poop my pants while having the first legit contractions of this girl's birth. I can't imagine my life without this little muffin. Love you, Elsa! #tmi?

Dear @pinchofyum , Thank you for this ooey-gooey trip down Hardees memory lane. Sincerely, Liz & Eric http://pinchofyum.com/hot-ham-and-cheese-sandwiches-bacon-caramelized-onions

A beautiful day for a walk with this beautiful friend.

I guess this is his igloo face? #instawinterbomb

We can't stop taking pictures of her "wind face."

The U.S. pond hockey championship happening on Lake Nokomis near our house. There are way too many people in this ice. #minnesota #timeforsomehotdish