farmers-market-mill-cityThe short version: Carpé Season is about preparing and eating food when it’s in season as well as about embracing life’s seasonal nature.

The ManiFEASTo version:
I believe that food tastes better when it’s in season and has not traveled for days to meet my mouth. In other words, I’d be no fun either if you took me from California in July to eat dinner with you during winter in Minnesota.
I believe we were meant to be flexitarians (surprisingly, not a dinosaur, though ironically, probably descriptive of how some dinosaurs ate). Flexitarians are those who eat a lot of produce and whole grains and just a little bit of meat.
But most importantly, I believe that food is a human connector. It’s what has brought people together in community and joy for ages. And some of the best times I’ve had with people have been with good food too. Especially if there’s cheese involved.

What’s with the name?
For the Latin-challenged, “carpé season” has nothing to do with carp or any other ugly fish. I have no interest in discussing  seasonal carp-fishing regulations on this blog. Rather, just as carpé diem means to seize the day and make the most of it, so Carpé Season is a call to not only recognize the changing seasons but to enjoy them, embrace them, and eat within them. Seize the season. Carpé Season!


Hi! I’m Liz.
I am thirty years old, living in Minneapolis, which takes its stalwart citizens from 105*F to -45*F in one year’s time. True story.
I am married to Eric, whom I love unimaginably, and who has eaten, without complaint, everything I’ve ever tried to make. His web-designing super skills are also the reason this website exists.
I used to be an ESL teacher, but since having our son Owen and his baby sister Elsa, I have the pleasure of being a stay-at-home mom and chasing two little ones around.



I am an official grammar geek and will be forever mortified if I ever publish a blatant spelling or grammar error on this blog…except for unnecessary ellipses, which I unashamedly use like all the cool kids.


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Life at #35weeks : (After watching Madagascar this morning) Owen: "Mom, let's play Madagascar. Elsa can be the giraffe; I'll be the lion, and you can be the hippo." Me: (quietly looks down at giant belly) ----- #cheapshot #preggopotamus #hippopregamus #momlife #pregnancy #pregnant #thirdtrimester #bringingbackthevillage ----- Photo cred: @carpeseasonphotography

That one time weather.com told me there was a 5% chance of rain, and then I got caught in an absolute deluge on my way out of target. Aaaaand, my pregnant, coffee-starved brain forgot which door I parked by. I ran to the minivan I thought was mine and had to turn and run back to the entrance once I realized my mistake. ..much to the amusement of the other shoppers waiting out the storm by the door. I squelched and sqirched my way back through the store to the to the other door, literally leaving a puddle trail behind me. Another pregnant "sprint" to my actual van, and I threw my groceries in the back, a handful at a time since all the bags had ripped. So thankful the kids weren't with me and for another cup of coffee. #walkofshame #actuallywaddleofshame #neverbeenwetter #pregnancy #pregnant #thirdtrimester #momlife #bringingbackthevillage #35weeks

"Owen, you look like a warrior. Make a warrior face." #childhoodunplugged #letthekids #spiritedchild

Crabby Afternoon: Remedied. #candidchildhood #letthekids #childhoodunplugged #bringingbackthevillage #momlife #momofboys #stayathomemom #preschool #onlyinmn #witchinghour

Making his Andy-Goldsworthy-loving dad proud since the very beginning of his volcano phase.

Batman's alter alter ego: Volcano/ Abstract Expressionism Enthusiast. #neverendingvolcanophase

It took her less than one day after I pulled out all the newborn bins to find and pull out the newborn pacis. #hellooldfriends

So she's definitely my daughter. #sunnap #sun

You can tell it's been a long winter by how overjoyed they were to eat ice cream in the backyard... and also by Owen's ghostly, pale skin. #hegetitfromhisdaddy

Birthday breakfast with my friend Heidi at Victor's. Just missing @christimasimer for the ultimate trip down memory lane. #givemealltheyucca

Feeling more and more like a Preggopotamus every day. #29weeks #pregnancy #pregnant

All things new, life from death. #spring #beautyeverywhere #minneapolis #minnesota

And suddenly they play together. Without tears, without need for intervention, and so far without any trips to the ER. I hide out where they can't see me because when they do, it's like a spell is broken. The messes they make together are literally unbelievable, but I'll take it in exchange for their squeals of joint laughter and the thump thump thump of their feet as they run from the volcano in the living room or chase a leopard through the jungle in their bedroom. Plus, the lack of company while I go to the bathroom is a huge bonus. #bringingbackthevillage #toddlerlife #toddlermom #stayathomemom #momlove #momlife