Arrested Development Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

Arrested Development Recipe Week - Frozen Banana

When you saw the title and first picture of today’s post, you immediately fell into one of two groups.

Group One members said: “Frozen bananas? How is that, in any way, seasonal?”
Group Two members simply said, “There’s always money in the banana stand.”

While Group Two is quietly chuckling away and counting the hours until this Sunday, Group One members are contemplating never reading this blog again. So let me bring you up to speed, Group One.

Frozen Banana Recipe for your Arrested Development Party
Frozen bananas and the quote above are long-standing inside jokes from the show Arrested Development, which ran unwatched on Fox for three years from 2003-2006 before getting cancelled.  Following its cancellation, Arrested Development became available on DVD and online streaming which resulted in a massive cult following that still greets its fellow members with “Hey, Brother!” and “watch out for hop-ons.”

While I love this show more than you’ll never know, I will say that it’s difficult to give it a full endorsement due to a few crass moments that aren’t my favorite. Honestly though, I would rank this as the funniest and most well-written comedy of all time. Sorry, Seinfeld, but the jokes in Arrested Development are so deep and intricate that even though I’ve watched all three seasons multiple times, I still find new things to laugh at.

Frozen Banana Recipe for your Arrested Development Party

No matter what Group you belong to, you may have heard that after seven long years, Arrested Development is finally in season again, and its fourth season will be airing only on Netflix starting this Sunday: fifteen long-awaited episodes, and that’s no illusion.

So Eric and I decided that we wanted this week to be Arrested Development Recipe Week on the blog because throughout all of the jokes and the completely inaccurate chicken imitations, there are also a lot of long-standing food references, and chief among them is the frozen banana.

Frozen Banana When preparing my Bluth frozen banana, I went with “The Original,”  which is just a frozen banana, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in nuts. Because a good banana stand never gives up its recipe secrets, I interpreted the chocolate to be milk and the nuts to be salted peanuts, though dark chocolate and almonds would probably be pretty tasty too.

These frozen bananas are so easy to make at home, you don’t even have to head down to the Big Yellow Joint to enjoy one.They are the perfect summer treat as well – cold, sweet and salty, with a little bit of crunch. I will warn you, however, that if you make these during the week, you’re going to have a hard time keeping them around until Sunday. Strategize accordingly. No Touching!

Frozen Bananas

Frozen Bananas

(recipe by Carpé Season)

(yields 4 frozen bananas, easily multiplied)

This easy frozen banana recipe is based off The Original from the show Arrested Development. Dipped in chocolate and rolled in salty peanuts, you’ll know why there’s always money in the banana stand.


4 ripe bananas

4 popsicle sticks

wax paper

one 11.5 oz bag milk chocolate chips

1 c. salted peanuts, chopped


Peel bananas and insert one popsicle stick about a third of the way into each banana. The banana will feel flimsy, but once frozen, the popsicle stick will hold it up just fine. Place “sticked” bananas on a baking sheet lined with the wax paper and freeze for at least 2 hours.


Pour chopped peanuts onto a plate. Melt the chocolate chips in 30 second bursts in the microwave, stirring well after each burst, until just melted (don’t let it burn!). Pour the melted chocolate into a shallow bowl. Dip a banana into the chocolate, using a rubber spatula to help evenly spread the chocolate all over the banana. Work quickly, because the chocolate immediately begins to harden.


Once completely coated, quickly roll the chocolate-covered banana in the nuts and sprinkle to fill in gaps (before the chocolate hardens). Once covered in nuts, place banana back on the wax-paper-lined baking sheet. Freeze until firm. You can make these hours or a day ahead of time; just be sure to let bananas thaw for 4-5 minutes before serving. Otherwise, they’re too cold on the teeth to eat.

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12 thoughts on “Arrested Development Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

  1. I LOVE THIS!! Looks like the writers of Arrested Dvelopment aren’t the only clever writers around. You are hilarious! I’m definitely putting bananas, milk chocolate, and nuts on my shopping list for this weekend. :) Thanks for making me laugh today!

  2. Love this post! We too have been counting down the days (it’s the final countdown). If you are going to be using a cornballer this week, be careful not to burn yourself. Every damn time…

  3. Awesome! I’m doing a similar countdown on my blog this week, and posted frozen bananas a few days ago. :) Great minds obviously think alike! I for one cannot wait for Sunday–I’ll be doing quite the chicken dance to celebrate!

    Chickens don’t clap! CHICKENS DON’T CLAP!

    • Hahaha. I think Buster’s my favorite. Love the look of your countdown (and your blog by the way!) Good to know there are other people gearing up for this as much as we are :)

  4. You have NO IDEA how happy this recipe makes me, especially since it’s related to Arrested Development. And I don’t even like bananas.

    Can’t wait for the Netflix premiere on Sunday!!!!

    • Oh, I hope you do, Margie. I would probably pass out if I saw an Arrested Development clip in one of Denis’ presentations at the next L’Abri.

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