Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad Well, apparently this is the year for making giant salads that I eat all week for lunch. And this sweet potato salad falls right in line. I love recipes like these – that you can make on a Monday, that can hold up perfectly well until Friday when you are scooping the very last bits straight out of the tupperware container it’s been housed in all week.

Lunchtime is often kind of a crazy time of day for us. I’m usually rushing home, having stayed too long at a park because the knowledge that winter - the season of futility and death - is ever before me. (Did you click that link? No? You should. Camp Patton is one of my favorite mama blogs these days).

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.06.03 PM

taken from the carpeseason Instagram account

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When We Took Two Babies Camping

camping-8 The plan began late Thursday night after we’d looked at the weather for the weekend – 80* and sunny, 0% chance of rain. Actually, the plan began earlier this summer after our completely wonderful anniversary camping trip sans kids. Well, actually, the plan started about ten years ago when we were dating and obnoxiously in love. Eric and I camped all the time then and when we were newly married…sometimes out of the back of our tiny car, sometimes hiking for days and setting up camp in a remote spot at night. In fact, our very first kiss was shared on the shore just a few feet away from our campsite. Camping is kind of in our family’s blood.

We’ve been talking about taking Owen camping since he was born, but then I got pregnant with Elsa when he was still pretty young. And really, who wants to sleep on the ground when pregnant? Or get up four times in the middle of the night to pee…in an outhouse? Not me. So we waited.

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Barley Pilaf with Fall Vegetables & Chicken

Barley-Pilaf-with-Fall-Vegetables-&-Chicken Well, you guys, we did it.
We took our babies camping.

And while I’m busy preparing an entire post, complete with pictures and snake stories (intrigue!), about our experience, I thought I’d share one snippet of our adventure with you today. It involves our neighbors at the next campsite over – three young men from India. They were probably around twenty, and the first time we noticed them was as we were cooking our dinner.

They turned their car battery on and started playing music…not concert-speaker loud, but definitely loud enough to hear. And the thing is, had it been a little bluegrass, or something soft and woodsy, I probably wouldn’t have minded. But no. It was a steady stream of Bollywood beats, Enrique Iglesias, and Nickelback. Nickel. Back.

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Simple Asian Cabbage Slaw

Simple Asian Cabbage Slaw There are times when I plot and plan what meals I want to make – some extravagant Pinterest idea, or a recipe that’s been rattling around in my brain for a year. I finally commit and make the meal; we photograph, feast, and then spend the next six hours cleaning up in our dishwasherless kitchen.

There are other times that I realize that I’ve been making something for months and it’s high time I shared it with you (though, I’m not quite sure I’m ready to go public with my secret penchant for homemade chocolate frosting on graham crackers).

But the other day, I realized I needed to share this salad with you. More Please

Guest Post on Shuttersmack!


What’s better than muffins?
Newborn babies, that’s what.


image from shuttersmack.com

I’m delighted to be sharing over at the beautiful photography blog Shuttersmack while Leslie takes some time to snuggle her new baby and nibble on those fingers. I can’t even deal. I shared an old favorite with her – these banana nut muffins. They’re the perfect gift to bring over to a new mama because those post partum hormones make you snacky and these can be eaten with one hand. Win Win! They’re also the perfect way to tiptoe back into fall baking. Head on over for the recipe and stick around to check out Leslie’s amazing photography and eye for all things beautiful!

Roasted Vegetable & Herbed Goat Cheese Paninis

Roasted-Vegetable-&-Herbed-Goat-Cheese-Paninis-2 I really have nothing to offer you today but this panini.

Really.  I mean, I thought about writing about the two large pots of mums I impulse-bought yesterday. I love mums, and every fall, I see them, neatly placed on the front steps of more put-together people’s houses. As I drove home yesterday, I saw them on display in a local nursery’s outdoor section, and pretty much slammed on the brakes, unbuckled both kids, and bought two pots, just like that. I thought about telling you how I came around the corner this morning only to find Owen very carefully picking off the unopened bulbs of one of the plants and how we had a long and very sobering conversation about how we just can’t do that again because those “balls” will never become flowers once they’re dead..and how he keeps asking me if everything is dead now and I fear I’ve done something irreparable to his little psyche.

But really, all of that is pretty routine, pretty par for the course.

I thought about writing about a moment I have every day around 2:15 in the afternoon.

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Bacon, Pear, & Goat Cheese Pizza

Bacon, Pear, & Goat Cheese Pizza It is incredibly life giving to be able to call a friend and tell her about how you were up six times last night with a fussy baby…about the grocery store line meltdown that happened despite the steady stream of graham crackers flowing from your diaper bag…about how your toddler just vomited all over the couch and you spent twenty minutes hyperventilating about killing a fake bug…and to have her sigh, or laugh, into the phone and say, “I totally understand.”

I am blessed with many friends, but only a few who are walking lock-step with me in the treanches of toddlerhood. Rachel is one of those friends, and she and I spend a lot of time talking about what it means to thrive in this season, significant conversations that are punctuated with urgent trips to the potty and requests for help climbing up the slide, but significant nonetheless.


This summer, she and I started scheming about a little day retreat. A day away from the diapers and dishes. A day of quiet. A day in nature. A day to reflect. And of course, a day to eat. And the amazing things is, we (with the help of our amazing baby-daddies) made it happen.

We set out on a Sunday morning, armed with coffee cake and a thermos full of good coffee large enough to sustain a small family through the apocalypse. We drove into rural Wisconsin, ending in Grantsburg at the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, where we sat near a lake for hours, seeing only a handful of people while there.


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Roasted Tomatillo & Sweet Corn Black Bean Soup


Okay, so remember last week when I was all like “grill everything! summer forever!” and promised not to go all pumpkin on you yet?

Well. I caved.
And made you soup.


But you have to understand what happened. Last Thursday, it was eighty-eight degrees. And humid. I turned our air conditioner on.
But today? Today is cloudy, with a high temperature thirty degrees lower than that. We’re in that awkward time when it’s too cold to keep the windows open, but not quite cold enough to turn on the heat. So we’re dressing in layers at night like we’re camping and wearing socks again. Socks!

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Grilled Layered Eggplant Burger with Fresh Herb Pesto



Best Eggplant Burger of my Life

Can we just talk about September in Minnesota? It’s arguably the most beautiful month of the year here, with gorgeous temps and low humidity. Though changing leaves speak to us of fall, it’s still feels a lot like summer, and the farmers market tables are this cornucocupia of both seasons.

People begin to dress in layers, little pumpkins taking the place of their pupils for a few weeks. And that makes sense. I’ve been there. But this year, I’m clinging to summer with death-grip knuckles. Perhaps it’s because school started here, and the high schoolers are back to walking down our sidewalk, yelling expletives as though they want me to have to explain to my two-year-old what the F word means. Perhaps it’s the fact that today is not slated to be more than 68 degrees outside, with a dreary gray sky and rain to boot. But winter, you guys. It’s coming. And I’m kind of dreading it.

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Overheard, Vol. 4

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.51.52 PM

On a Road Trip, A Week Before our Month-Long Sugar Fast Began:
Me: I want Dairy Queen.
Eric: (drinking Mountain Dew) No, no we don’t need that stuff.
Me: Fine, I’ll settle for gummy worms.
Eric: Here, have some Mountain Dew…it’s basically liquid gummy worms.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.54.07 PM

Gift Giving:
Owen: (rifling through our diaper bag…finds wrapped sanitary pad and triumphantly holds it up) Hey! This is a present for Milo’s birthday! 
(…a few hours later…)
Owen: (finds same pad) Hey! This can be a card for Granpa Ron!

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Roasted Tomato & Summer Squash Pasta with Caramelized Onions & Kale

Roasted Tomato & Summer Squash Pasta You guys are food people, right? I assume because you read this blog that you, like myself, might also be the kind of person who watches the Food Network. We don’t actually have cable, but due to a free-Hulu-trial-turned-3-month-subscription (darn you, Master Chef Junior binge), I’ve been watching a lot of culinary TV.


The other day, I was folding laundry and decided to give Throwdown with Bobby Flay a try. I thought…I like Bobby Flay, and mmmmmm let’s watch a half hour of tikka masala.

Why didn’t you guys warn me? Throwdown with Bobby Flay might have the worst premise in all of TV. Here’s a breakdown:

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Country Mouse, City Mouse

country-mice-4 Both Eric and I were born country mice. We grew up in homes surrounded by space and corn fields, few neighbors, and an impossible amount of trees. We grew up to the sounds of rushing creeks and the occasional coyote and stern warnings about watching out for deer as we grabbed keys and headed out the door at night in high school. We grew up where dogs were let out the back door to do their business where they pleased, usually and courteously near the edge of the woods.

Now, we, and our children by default, are city mice. Instead of acres of backyard, we have city parks with playground equipment and splashpads. We are within minutes authentic Indian curries, Greek falafels, and Vietnamese pho. We take city buses and can listen to different languages spoken in our grocery store aisles. We hear sirens and fireworks and planes that fly low overhead, and we could go and see good live music almost every night of the week.

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Burst Tomato Galette with Corn, Zucchini, & Peppers

Burst Tomato Galette with Corn, Zucchini, & Peppers Remember winter, guys? Remember when my baby was born and it was -25* windchill outside the hospital room window? Remember the first time you heard the words Polar Vortex?

And now, here we are, in August. And really, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed summer weather more than what we’ve had this summer, amIright, fellow Upper Midwesterners? That same Polar Vortex has given us unseasonably cool weather. Low heat, low humidity. I think we’ve turned our air conditioners on twice.

Tomato Galette with Burst Tomato Galette with Corn, Zucchini, & Peppers

The days have been just warm enough that you’re still fine in a skirt and tank top but not hot and sticky to the point that you seriously consider sleeping in your spider-filled basement. It just hasn’t been the kind of heat where you want to punch something in the face.

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Is This Real Life?

It is a rainy Friday morning, and I have spent the last twelve hours waiting for Owen to throw up.

He woke up from his nap the day before with a pretty high fever, and now I am playing vomit roullette as to where he would strike first..in his bed? on the couch? all over the carpet? It is, of course, the perfect time for him (and subsequently the rest of us) to be sick because we have house guests – Eric’s brother David and his wife Julia – sleeping upstairs, with more coming in a day or two, plus a family reuinion to travel to later the next week.

The definition of listless, Owen is sitting on the couch with his beloved monkey, as Daniel Tiger sings, over and over, that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Elsa is fed, and I have literally just poured my coffee when he starts to cry.

I run over to the couch, and last night’s milk is all over him, the monkey, and the cushion he’s on. I gag briefly as I enter into that special moment of realizing that I am the one who has to clean this up.

He is crying as I pull him off the couch, and I am mentally calculating just how much vomit is sinking into the couch cushion as I rip his shirt off and run to get him some water. Owen is briefly pacified, so I turn to the couch to rip off the cover. I get the front corner removed and then move the couch a few inches away from the wall to do the back corner.

That’s when I see it.

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Cabbage Leaf Tacos with Fresh Chopped Salsa

Cabbage Leaf Tacos with Fresh Chopped Salsa So here we are in August…coming up to the tidal wave that is tomato season. And you and everyone you know will be eating bruschetta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while I will be sitting in my kitchen trying not to resent you for my fresh basil allergy.

It’s really only bruschetta that gets me. I see the bright red tomatoes sitting on my counter, and I can actually almost hear them asking me to make them into bruschetta – the ultimate goal of every tomato out there.

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Japanese StirFry with 5-Minute Teriyaki Sauce

Japanese-Stir-Fry-3 I never thought that I would be the person who purposely sought out shade at the beach. I’ve always had a love affair of sorts with the sun, but now I’m the first person to push my stroller and six months’ worth of graham crackers, diapers, and sunblock right under a tree to lay out the blanket.

I never thought that I would be this behind on our mail and laundry. Seriously. I used to be on top of things. I had systems. And time. But now? Our mail is in an unsorted heap roughly the size of a small dog. And the unfolded baskets of laundry have basically become additional pieces of furniture in our living room.

I never thought that  would enjoy coffee.  I have a very specific memory involving my dad’s thermos and a long road trip and an hour spent begging for a drink before being offered a taste from the dented, warm thermos. I tried it, spat it out, and briefly convulsed. But now, I look to it as my lifeblood most mornings.

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Deconstructed Banh Mi Salad with Grilled Vietnamese Chicken


What’s worse than being sick?
Being sick in the summer.

You guys, my kids and I have had it all the last few weeks. We’re like an ice cream truck of germs…we walk down the street, and every kid that approaches us leaves with some form of illness we’ve had over the past month.

What’s that you want, sonny? A runny nose with an additional deep chest cought?
Coming right up.

Say, little girl, you ordered a high fever with some vomit and an unexplained rash?
Be right with you.

Well, ma’am, you’re in luck – we just got a fresh batch of persistent sore throat in back. Buy one, get a sinus infection free. 

It’s been ridiculous. I mean, this is summer. And despite the germs, I think we’re trying to make the most of it…but really, we’ve been sick for most of July. Something’s gotta give.

banh mi salad

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Mexican Elotes Salad with Amaize Sweet Corn

Mexican Elotes Salad with Amaize Sweet Corn

If you know me at all, you know that the way to my heart is through a good pun. There is a tiny portion of my brain that virtually never turns off, which constantly filters the words I’m hearing for pun potential. I’ve literally had a friends text me puns they’ve thought of…or (pre smart phones) call describe  a fabulous billboard pun they’d passed. It’s my love language.

Mexican Elotes Salad with Amaize Sweet Corn

So when I first heard of Amaize Sweet Corn, it immediately earned a special place in my heart. Amaze. Maize. You see where this is going. And I’m pretty sure I’d love its creators - George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey – who, after over 22 years of developing this unique sweet corn, named it something so utterly clever.

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Indian Spinach Dahl (Lentils) & a review of Extending the Table

Indian-Spinach-Dahl-1 I’ve literally always been a list person. As a young kid, I would meticulously pour over the toy catalogs that came in the mail just after Thanksgiving and then write a thorough list of all my Christmas hopes and dreams, detailing exactly which Rock Tumbler set and which color Pow-Pow-Power Wheels jeep I needed.

So naturally, when Pinterest came around, I did what any normal 29-year-old would do and made myself a visual Christmas list, cleverly titled Want. For the past two years, the cookbook Extending the Table has been on that Pinterest board, and for two years, nobody’s gotten it for me. I knew I’d love it…it’s in the same family of cookbooks as my beloved Simply in Season, as well as More with Less.


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