Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Shish-Kabobs

bacon-wrapped-chicken-kabob You know you’re a new mom nearing thirty when the concert you’re attending starts thirty-five minutes late and the whole time, you’ve been checking your watch every two and wearily thinking,”If they don’t start soon, we may be here ’til midnight!”

You know you’re a new mom nearing thirty when you come up with a list of snarky things you could say to the concert-goers next to you who have not stopped talking for the last four songs, including: “I did not pay $25 to come and hear you talk…” or “I taught kindergarten, and I know five year olds that can stay quieter longer than you.”

(You know you’re a Minnesotan when you don’t actually say anything to said concert chatters.)

bacon wrapped chicken kabob tomatoes You know you’re a new mom nearing thirty when you look up at the four male folk band members on the stage and think…each one of them is a son. They all had mothers who held them as babies and then watched them grow up to be musicians…all of them… super-skinny jeans guy, beard guy, and even the one carefully dressed like a homeless man. 

You know you’re a new mom nearing thirty when you’ve spent all month looking forward to a legitimate night out with your husband, and then as you drive away from the babysitters’, you fight back tears because you already miss your baby.

bacon wrapped chicken kabob

You know you’re a new mom nearing thirty when you stand at the concert for three hours and your legs, hips, and back ache the next day…and you think, “Next time, we need to get here earlier to find a seat…or maybe I should wear those sexy gym shoes.”

With a generous babysitting offer from Super Parents Brad and Sarah, Eric and I got to have a night out at a recent The Head and The Heart concert. It was the first time we’d left Owen for more than two hours, and despite my crochety complaints above, we had a fabulous time. The band put on a great show, and after a few baby-free hours, we felt really refreshed.
(In case you’ve never heard The Head and the Heart, here’s a taste):

bacon wrapped chicken kabob Okay, onto the kabobs.

I made these kabobs in recognition that there will probably be a serious pork shortage in the coming years. Yes, this includes bacon, which is a minor travesty.

My brother-in-law first brought this recipe to our attention a couple of years ago, and we try to make these kabobs a few times a summer. The chicken is marinated in a sweet soy-sauce-based marinade, then wrapped in !bacon! and grilled…I can’t tell you how the smokiness of the grill enhances the flavor of the bacon which further moistens the chicken. These kabobs are Ron Swanson approved, for sure. I like to make these as fall begins…something about the flavor of the meat reminds me of fall campfires or burning leaves, and I can’t get enough. We put pineapple, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes on our kabobs, which, when brushed with the same marinade, perfectly compliment the meaty bites.

I think this recipe is the perfect way to start wrapping up your grill season. And to further honor bacon, you could give this video a watch while your meat marinates. To bacon! To kabobs!

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Shish-Kabobs

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Shish-Kabobs

(recipe adapted from All Recipes)

(yields 4-6 servings)

These bacon-wrapped chicken shish kabobs are marinated in a sweet Asian marinade and are perfectly complemented by end of summer sweet veggies and fruit. We make them with pineapple, cherry tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers. The original recipes uses mushrooms. I think these would be great with peaches or nectarines earlier in the summer as well. I double the marinade, and save half to use as a sauce for serving. We usually serve this with cous cous and salad greens.


Marinade (The amounts listed here are doubled, but I divide them and make two separate for marinating, one to use as sauce for serving.)

1/2 c. soy sauce

1/2 c. cider vinegar

4 tbsp. honey

4. tbsp. canola oil

4 green onions, green and white parts, minced


1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into 1 1/2-inch cubes

1/2 lb. thick-cut sliced bacon

one 8-oz. can pineapple chunks, drained (or about 1 1/2 c. fresh pineapple, cubed)

1 bell pepper, seeded and cut into 1-inch chunks

app. 10 cherry tomatoes

1 small onion, cut into quarters (we prefer red onion)


*A note about grilling kabobs:

While threading meat, veggies, and fruit on the same skewer looks pretty, it's totally impractical for cooking, because your pineapple and tomatoes will be totally charred before your meat is even close to done. We put all our meat together on a skewer, all the tomatoes on another, peppers on another, etc., and grill them that way (meat on first, fruits and veggies on when there is about 8 minutes left for the meat to be done). Then, I like to remove the food from the skewers and put the different ingredients in separate bowls for people to make their own kabobs up with the ratio and combinations of their choosing.


Combine marinade ingredients in two small bowls, and whisk thoroughly to combine.


Place cubed chicken in one marinade bowl. Cover and place in the fridge for at least 5 hours. Overnight is best. Cover the second bowl of marinade and place in fridge as well.


Once chicken is thoroughly marinated, wrap about a 1/3 of a bacon strip around each chicken piece, using the skewer to secure the bacon around the chicken. (I suggest using kitchen scizzors to cut your bacon into the right-size strip for piece of chicken). Thread all the bacon-wrapped chicken onto skewers.


While you thread the chicken onto the skewers, place the used marinade in a small sauce pan, cover, and bring to a boil over high heat. Then, lower the heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. Keep a nose on this - it will burn easily. So stir frequently, and keep the heat LOW while it simmers.


Lightly oil the grill grate. Place bacon-wrapped chicken skewers on a grill over medium heat, and TURN FREQUENTLY, brushing with the BOILED marinade.


While chicken begins cooking, thread your pepper chunks on one skewer, onion chunks on another, tomatoes on another, and pineapple on another.

I place them on a cookie sheet covered in foil. Drizzle with olive oil and turn with fingers to evenly coat each skewer.

When meat is about 10 minutes from being done, place these skewers on the grill, frequently brushing them with the boiled marinade, and turning frequently.


When veggies & fruit skewers begin to brown and soften slightly, and chicken and bacon are cooked through (cut into a few pieces to check), remove from grill.


Place all ingredients in separate bowl, and allow people to build their own kabob.


Heat up your second bowl of sauce (that you did NOT use to brush kabobs) and use as a sauce for the kabobs and the rice or cous cous.

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4 thoughts on “Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Shish-Kabobs

  1. Wow, Liz! Your blog is the perfect juxtaposition of beauty and humor. How fun to visit here since being captured by your recipes on pinterest..and seeing your “now” life ( uh, I went to high school with you). A highlight to this virtual visit has been recognizing your babysitter as a dear friend of friends from Dekalb when we were all there.
    Well, I wanted to drop a little hello. Blessings!

    • What a surprise and delight hearing from you! Thanks for the kind compliments as well. That is crazy that you know Sarah…what a small, small world. Thanks, thanks, thanks for the hello!

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