California: Part One

San Francisco Vacation

If you know Eric and I at all, you know that one-third of the reason that we do anything is so that we can take pictures. Seriously, we regularly take our camera to the park two blocks from our house; we’re those people. We’re pretty sure our friends and families are planning an intervention.

Obviously those tendencies get kicked into high gear on vacation. In the last three days here in California, we’ve probably taken well over 500 pictures. In light of that number, the dozen pictures we’re sharing in this post doesn’t seem quite as obnoxious, right?

(Two gold stars If you’re not either of our moms and you make it to the end of this post.)

San Francisco Vacation - Japanese Garden

We came to San Francisco for many reasons…Eric’s brother Neil & his wife Brea moved to California this past year, so we’re happily visiting them. Plus, we were eager to get away and spend some time as a family of three before we become a foursome.  san-francisco-japanese-garden-3

The first day, we visited Golden Gate Park and spent some time in this lovely Japanese garden. It was beautiful and serene…even Owen seemed kind of zenned out watching the koi fish.

We rounded out our morning there by hitting up a viewing tower and doing some more walking (read = chasing Owen)…plus some delicious lunch from an Indian food truck. (The food truck situation out here is enough to make me want to pack up and move. #getwiththeprogramMinnesota).  San Francisco Vacation

That evening, we visited Mori Point to get some Pacific sunset action.

San Francisco Vacation

We started out on the beach, but it only got more spectacular after a climb up to the point. (let’s blame the extra pounds of baby for my shortness of breath, okay?)
San Francisco Vacation It was windy and salty and refreshing, and the sunset totally stole the show.  San Francisco Vacation

“Hey, Eric and Neil, look like brothers for this one.”
Their response:
San Francisco Vacation

The next day we went to downtown San Francisco…to see the sights, and let’s be honest…to eat. It’s possible that I ate the best donut of my life that morning.

san-francisco-4 We did a lot of walking that day. But our efforts were rewarded when we stumbled across this warehouse/museum of antique arcade games…like this one:  san-francisco-2

It was totally free to get into, and most of the games (like the classic “What Kind of Lover Are You?”) only cost a quarter. Win.

And then this happened.



We walked some more, viewed Alcatraz from afar (thanks, Government Shutdown), and felt very San Francisco-ey passing things like this.  san-francisco-3

We’ve definitely got more pictures to share, but keep your eyes PEELED for a winner of an apple recipe coming in a few days! (See what I did there?)



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14 thoughts on “California: Part One

  1. Two gold stars for me! I made it to the end. San Francsico looks like great fun. Like one of those places that when you go there, you never want to leave.

  2. Ugh, I’m so jealous – SF is one of my favorite cities ever! So much fun – and the pictures are gorgeous. Nate and I are the same way; I don’t know if it’s a learned trait from our jobs or if that’s just how we’re wired, but we take pictures of literally everything. Always.

  3. Yay! I get 2 gold stars! :)
    Seriously, I wish I could take pictures like yours. Simply amazing. Love them!!
    Your trip sounds fantastic! Visiting family is so fun! My husband’s aunt lives in CA, and we are hoping to make a trip out that way soon (we’re in Ohio … sadly very few food trucks here, as well!). My oldest thinks the whole state is Hollywood, my littlest thinks the whole thing is Disneyland. :)

    • I love your kids’ impressions of what CA is :) Thanks for the kind comments on our pictures; we figure we’re bound to get a few good ones if we take several hundred a day :)

  4. Thank you for letting me dabble in my favorite city on the planet. I keep trying to convince my husband to move there – but so far we’re still NOT in the land of sourdough bread bowls, crooked streets or any of the other 1 million reasons I love that place. :)

    • Amy! I can just imagine you and your locavore self out here! You’d have year round fresh produce to work with (plus the ever exotic avocados and artichokes right out your back door)!

  5. I’m a transplant to Washington, DC and have to say that of all the things I love about my adopted city, the food trucks might be the biggest surprise win. My boyfriend got chicken and waffles the other day for lunch, and there are these heavenly things called LOBSTER ROLLS and half smokes… Talk about what the what!? Of course, while not Minnesota level, the winters are a little terrifying for me, coming from Memphis. But it’s a fair trade off, in the end.

    • Food trucks for the win! Minneapolis is getting there, slowly but surely!
      You can totally do winter – I think the trick is a good coat and good pair of boots. Everything else is layers :)

      • My first winter here was 2009-2010…. The winter of the Snowpocalypse. I saw drifts over SIX FEET! And nobody warned me about thundersnow!! Sheesh. I do need a better coat. I about frostified at the inauguration!

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