California: Part Three

Maybe I should title this post: California: Part Three OF THREE.

I promise this is the last one. But Eric put together this little video of our time there, and I couldn’t help but share. We can’t decide if Owen is narcissistic or nostalgic, but he likes watching this more than he does Elmo.


Music by Radical Face off the album Family Tree: The Roots

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11 thoughts on “California: Part Three

  1. It looks like you made lots of great memories! My husband and I went to many of the same places in California this past spring. I need to do some video editing myself. Lucky you to have someone to do the editing for you:)

  2. this is just gorgeous. i just love this season of life for you!! it just seems so sweet to enjoy owen’s fleeting littleness and anticipate baby girl’s arrival while taking in these beautiful vistas and lovely family members. this video will help you remember the sweetness (and maybe the octopus on the airplane toilet will fade in your memory… slightly)

    • “ocotopus on the airlplane toilet” – henceforth, shall that experience be referred to that way :)
      It really is sweet, Anika. I’m so thankful Eric takes the time to create these things for us.

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