Cantina Laredo

cantina laredo

Well, the babymoon has come and gone, and Eric and I had a wonderful time together in Florida. And typically, a significant part of any good time for me involves some form of good eating….which we had in spades the night we went to Cantina Laredo in Ft. Myers.

This meal was definitely the capstone of our food intake for the week. Don’t get me wrong, I had more than my fair share of fresh orange juice and lemonade and local oranges the rest of the week (pregnancy citrus craving: SATISFIED!), and even indulged in the guiltiest pleasure of all…a Taco Bell dorito shell taco. (I know… “What happens in Vegas Ft. Myers…”)

But this meal? Stole the show. The waitress made this guac…in front of us. And wiped the rim of the bowl with a lime half before serving (did I lick the bowl? maybe.) Fresh limes, fresh cilantro, tomatoes in season…nary shall there be a better bowl of guac.

Eric had a sampler plate of spinach enchiladas, chicken mole, and rellenos, all of which were deliciously flavored and textured. My chicken enchilada with rice (and in-season zucchini!) was just what you’d want it to be, with toppings of cotija cheese, tortilla strips, and cabbage that complemented the enchilada perfectly.

As we ate, a two-man mariachi band serenaded table after table, finally stopping at ours. They sang us a moving rendition of Elvis’ Only You in Spanish at Eric’s sauve request for a “love song.”

We’re on our way back now, gearing up for the last stretch of this school year and the last 10 weeks before the baby’s due, grateful to have had this time together before all the change that’s due to come around the end of May. Cantina Laredo got me excited to share a crockpot chicken mole recipe with you, so eyes out for that later this week!

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