12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Hi you guys! Bjork and I are in love with your Christmas video and the fact that you live in NE (just a guess from your adorable house)? We would love to meet you for a yummy Minneapolis dinner when we move back to the states this summer. You seem like awesome people and you have beautiful, artistic videos. Inspiring! :)

    • Thanks so much! We absolutely love your blog. With the eery number of things we have in common (web-guru husband, teaching wife, MN natives, time in Asia, possible parasite attack, etc…) we were kind of surprised we didn’t already know you guys :) We’d would be delighted to meet up with you both this summer (there’s nothing quite like fantasizing about a favorite restaurant back home when you’re away, is there?)

  2. Now this is just crazy that I find myself wiping away a tear as I watch your video. What art!! Just Beautiful!!!
    Liz your grace and respect for cooking are admirable and inspiring!
    Eric your video transports its viewers to a happy place and seems to invite them to your table!!…
    Well done and thank you.

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