Christmas Cooking Playlist

Seasonal-Winter-Holiday-Christmas_Eve_by_J._Hoover_PUBLICDOMAIN For our winter playlist this time around, we went all Christmas on you. Some of these are Christmas classics, others original, but most done up how Christmas songs should be: folk-fantastic. If you’re anything like me, Christmas songs by the Christmas greats (hello, Bing Crosby!) have been on non-stop at your house the last few weeks, so we’re hoping these alternative merry melodies revive your rutted regulars and that you find a few new favorites like we did this year (see the songs by the Civil Wars, Sleeping At Last, and the  Punch Brothers). Merry week away from Christmas, everyone! Head on over for a listen and enjoy!

Cooking Music

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One thought on “Christmas Cooking Playlist

  1. Perfect soundtrack for last minute gift wrapping and cookie frosting. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday prep and celebrating some new traditions for Owen’s first Christmas!

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