Cinco de Mayo Recipe Roundup

We’ve made no bones about the fact that we’re Mexican food lovers over here! But this year, I’m having kind of a hard time getting into Cinco de Mayo because…well, it’s snowing. It’s literally snowing right now, on May 2. And there’s more rain, sleet, and snow predicted over this festive weekend…which means a few more days of scarves and sweaters instead of the colorful skirts and sandals I usually associate with outdoor picnics on this, the 5th of May.

So, despite my snow-induced grumpiness, I bought the $.77 avocados at my grocery store and will for sure be making this guacamole salad this weekend, if nothing else.

And I’ll probably make either these baked chicken chiles rellenos, if only for a chance to turn on my oven to heat my May-drafty house.

Or maybe these Mexican stuffed peppers

If you happen to be somewhere that does have grilling weather this weekend, I hope you’ll consider making these grilled chicken fajitas.

And please…just for me, make grilled corn elotes and do Cinco de Mayo riii-iiight.

Or, if grilled corn isn’t in the works for you, I highly suggest these deep-fried elotes fritters from a blog favorite of ours: Spoon, Fork, Bacon.

Last but not least, these steak fajita nachos will put you and yours over the top this Sunday.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here’s to a May 5th without snow!

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