Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate I can’t really start this post any other way:
This recipe is a game changer, friends.

Seriously, I do not think I can over-rave about it. I’ve had my eye on this recipe since last year, and now I’m sort of kicking myself for not making it sooner. Let’s get into, it, shall we?

Hands down, this is the creamiest, richest hot chocolate you can even dream of. Forget your 2% or whole milk, for this concoction, we’re using coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk, so you know we’re off to a good start.

Then, we get to add vanilla and coconut extract (which also doubles as a perfume in my world), plus real chopped dark chocolate and cocoa powder. You’ve heard the term drinking chocolate right? That’s what this is. Drinking. Chocolate. It sort of has the consistency of melted ice cream

Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate The best part is that this recipe is low maintenance. Like put it in your crockpot and stir it a a few times low.

At the end of two hours, you’ve got this thick, flavorful hot chocolate with a strong coconut flavor. This hot chocolate is rich enough that really, all you need is one of those little teacup’s full – a full coffee mug is too much. (We may have taken these pictures before sampling…if you try to drink a mason jar’s full of this, I commend your efforts, but also will understand if you only make it through a third of the glass).

Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

Plus, adding some pizzazz to the top of your mug – think whipped cream, toasted coconut, marshmallows, chocolate chips – only makes this drink even more ridiculous and over the top.

Your holiday party needs this drink. Your sitting around on Christmas day, playing games in your jammies, needs this drink.

Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

Oh, and if you happen to have leftovers, you can throw any remainder in the fridge and heat it up at your leisure. I’ve been drinking mine with my morning coffee all week and loooving it. Or you could just eat some straight out of the fridge with a spoon. No judgment.

((P.S. This recipe comes from one of my favorite food blogs – How Sweet It Is. Seriously, every time something from this girl pops up in my blog feed – like her latest – I swoon. She’s totally got my number when it comes to things I wake up thinking about eating at 4 a.m., and her posts keep me laughing. Please check this fabulous blog out!))

Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

Creamy Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

Creamy Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

(recipe adapted ever so slightly from How Sweet It Is )

(yields 4-6 servings, easily multiplied)

This recipe for creamy, rich coconut hot chocolate is so easy and so tasty that it is blowing my mind right now. Loved this on its own but also mixed in with a cup of coffee! The only adaptation I made were to use regular cocoa powder instead of dutch process - only because I'm cheap like that and had the regular stuff on hand.


2 (13 oz.) cans full-fat coconut milk

1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 tsp. coconut extract

4 oz. high-quality dark chocolate, chopped

1/8 c.cocoa powder

1/8 tsp. salt

Topping Options:

unsweetened shredded coconut, toasted

whipped cream or coconut whipped cream


chocolate chips


Add coconut milk, condensed milk and extracts to your crock pot, whisking to combine. Stir in chopped chocolate, cocoa powder, and salt whisking again. Cover and cook on low for 2 hours. You want to stir and whisk every 15 minutes or so, making sure the chocolate melts nicely and is thoroughly distributed throughout the mixture. After a while it began to thicken and bubble on the sides, so I left it on but removed the lid and whisked well. Just keep your eye on it and whisk everything together.


Top with desired toppings!

To toast coconut, if desired: Heat a small pan over medium-low heat. Toss in coconut, and stir constantly for 3-5 minutes until golden. Remove to a plate to cool. Before serving, add coconut to a small saucepan and heat over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon.

[Note: if you don't have a crockpot or are wary of using your crockpot, you can definitely make this in a pot. Cook over very low heat while whisking, stirring until totally combined. Continue to stir along the edges where chocolate may stick and burn. Serve!]


Any leftovers can be kept in a covered container in the fridge and reheated in the microwave as needed. Ahem - goes GREAT with coffee!

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5 thoughts on “Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

  1. Wow! I want this!! I was googling coconut coffee recipes and your cocnut hot cocoa came up! I don’t have coconut for the topping, but I do have all the rest, thanks for sharing, I will pin this!!

  2. Wow! I want this!! I was googling coconut coffee recipes and your coconut hot cocoa came up! I don’t have coconut for the topping, but I do have all the rest, thanks for sharing, I will pin this!!

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