Easy Beef Brisket Sandwiches

Easy Beef Brisket Sandwich So today I’m not so much posting a recipe as I am sending you an edible hug in the form of a soft, melty sandwich.

Because sometimes, when it’s baseball’s opening day, and it’s supposed to be a projected high of 35*, only a melty sandwich hug will help.

Each morning, after breakfast, Owen and I look out all of our windows and talk about how much snow is left in our yard compared to the day before. And then I eat a piece of chocolate with my last few sips of coffee.

Easy Beef Brisket Sandwich These languishing winter days are getting to me, friends. Most afternoons, shortly after Owen goes down for his nap, you can find me sitting in a patch of sunlight on our living room floor, second coffee cup in hand, face turned up towards the sun not unlike an ancient Egyptian.

So, the other day, I threw a sandwich tantrum. I had leftover brisket and knew I wanted to make a sandwich out of it, but whenI looked around the interwebs at all sorts of brisket sandwich ideas, most of them involved a fancy fresh-veggie slaw, and I sighed. It’s March. It’s cold. Fresh veggies seem like a distant dream at this point. I wanted nothing to do with fancy schmancy slaws.

Easy Beef Brisket Sandwich So Owen and I bundled up and walked across the street to the bakery. We bought a package of pillow-soft buns. I heated up some of the brisket, piled it on a bun with a few slices of raw onion and then melted some mozzarella over the top.

I am a little embarrassed to even be posting this sandiwch because it’s so simple, but this sandwich knows what’s up.  It knows that it’s still winter, and it fills your mouth with soft, warm, melty goodness. It is comfort food at its best, and I’m sending it your way today.

Easy Beef Brisket Sandwich

Easy Beef Brisket Sandwiches

(recipe by Carpé Season) (yields 1 sandwich)

I've listed pretty non-specific amounts for this recipe because it's a sandwich, and you should make it how you like it. This is so simple, I can barely believe I'm putting it on the Internet.


1 super soft bun (cut in half if not already)

about 1 c. of fork-shredded beef brisket

1 tbsp. raw onion, sliced thin

app. 2 oz or 5 thin slices of mozzarella or provolone


Heat brisket with a little of its sauce in your microwave until warm/hot.

Place brisket on bottom half of bun. Spread onion slices over the meat and top with the sliced cheese. Heat until cheese is melted (about 1 minute, medium power in your microwave).

Top with top half of bun and happily consume.

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