F is for fail…F is for Florida.

Blog Fail #1: not posting all week last week (not even on the first day of spring!) because we were a little bit otherwise preoccupied with pulling off a surprise party for my parents’ 40th anniversary. The party…a success (especially these bacon-wrapped dates)! My emotional status after a week of little sleep combined with pregnancy hormones and viewing hundreds of pictures like these….

…not so great.

Which leads us to Blog Fail #2: After weeks of craziness of baby planning and painting, plus party preparing, we decided to skip town for a bit of vacation time together before the days of travelling with a footie-pajamaed, screaming little one commence (the title of this 1975ish picture of my mom and sisters below should be: The Reason Behind the Babymoon).

Having the best of intentions to not leave the blog high and dry, I wrote an entire post while at the airport only to discover that I had forgotten the actual recipe at home, rendering the entire post useless. Fail!

Instead, I’ll share this picture of me doing the opposite of everything the last month has been…

And just to make you laugh…THIS picture…I’m not sure what was going on in this picture now, and it’s clear from my little face that I wasn’t so sure then either.

Finally, please vote. Doesn’t my mom look identical to Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, had Ree been this old circa 1970? Eric and I have been arguing this point all week. Please settle if for us in the comments.

When we get back, I promise to post this amazing bread recipe that I had planned to in the airport plus a crockpot chicken mole…and maybe just maybe the start of some spring recipes with all this crazy March weather in the upper midwest.

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7 thoughts on “F is for fail…F is for Florida.

  1. Aren’t those date amazing? Glad they were a hit!

    I’ve been in blog fail land for the past week as well. Everyone needs a break. Those photos are great! Your mom DOES look like the Pioneer Woman!

  2. Thanks for the party Liz! We had a blast! The story behind the picture of Dad shooting the Cabbage Patch dolls………He would stand them up, shoot them, and blow on the ends of his “guns” to clear the “smoke”. The dolls would fall over in perfect sync. It was hilarious!!

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