Fall Haiku Contest Winners!

Okay, I loved, loved, loved the fall haikus! I just couldn’t decide between a couple of them, so I decided to make 2 categories and pick a winner for each…

Winner #1 – Category of Hilarity
by: Leah
Football is my foe.
I’m neglected. Set aside.
The TV is on.

Winner #2 – Category of Poeticism
by: Tami
crisp morning, bright blue
red, brown, gold fall and crunching
beneath my worn sole.

I just couldn’t get past how much Leah’s made me laugh. Haven’t we all been there? And Tami’s must have caught me on the right day. I had just been thinking about how much I love the sky this time of year.

Winners! I’ll be contacting you via your email to get your addresses and figure out where to bring or send your very own brownies. And to everyone else, well done! Look for a delicious fall post coming tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Fall Haiku Contest Winners!

  1. I am just glad your husband didn’t win. That would have been soooo unfair. (But really? Jumping for joy because a) the caramel brownies, of course and b) I have never, ever won a writing contest in my whole life.
    Thanks, Liz!

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