Farmers Market

It’s a Carpe Season dream come true. After months of eating away at our frozen veggie stash and using stored carrots and potatoes well past their expiration dates, the Minneapolis farmers markets are back…and they brought asparagus. asparagus True to Minnesota, for our first trip out to the farmers market, we donned our fleeces and threw our rain jackets in the backseat; it wasn’t the warmest of spring days. But we were pretty pumped to score some early asparagus, a bunch of healthy-looking chives, and some local raspberry jam (because we still have a ton of this bread left in our freezer). farmers-market Though the vendors were few so early in the season,  we had a great time sipping coffee as we listened to The Gated Community sing us bluegrass songs about everything from the mourning of Minnesota’s past to a disgruntled employee’s violent quitting of his hog-farm job (something I did this week, sans the disgruntled, violent, hog-farm part).

We were so happy to see the return of the Farmers Market to our corner of the city. Keep your eyes open for some market-inspired recipes coming your way in the next few posts, but in the meantime, click on the What’s In Season? button on the sidebar to find out where your closest farmers market is.


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2 thoughts on “Farmers Market

    • Thanks! Glad that wasn’t too subtle to pick up on! My last day was today (Friday the 11th), and it feels pretty good. Kind of crazy to sign away the security net that job has been. Next up…baby!

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