Frugal Friday: Let’s get Saucy

It’s a well-established fact that after months of winter, some Minnesotans will don shorts and t-shirts on the first 40* day that’s even a little sunny. It’s a little embarrassing, I know. But this past winter, especially, has felt endless, with two late-April snow storms. So like the Minnesotan I am, I am typing this outside today, shoeless, jacketless, hatless, as the temperature climbs towards 70*. Did you hear me? Seventy. It always makes me laugh that a 70*-day will bring out white winter legs in Minnesota while it causes Floridians to put on another jacket.

Anyway, in honor of what feels like spring actually coming to stay, we’re totally grilling out tonight. I’ve got bacon and ground beef thawing, because I’ve been totally jonesing for some bbq-bacon cheeseburgers. And because today is a day dedicated to celebrating the return of the sun, I started looking around for some homemade barbecue sauce…I thought I’d share the recipe I’m using with you, as well as a few summer’s-coming sauces that you can make at home on the cheap!

#1. Farmgirl Susan’s Homemade Barbecue Sauce from Farmgirl Fare

image from


#2. Best Canned Tomato Salsa from Simply Fresh Cooking

While it’s not tomato season yet, this post promises some pretty fab salsa from canned tomatoes. What I love about this recipe is that the author suggests tons of substitutions in the post to accomodate what you may have or not have in your kitchen at present. Loving this blog lately!

image from

#3. Simple Homemade Ketchup from Leslie Durso, Veggie Dreamgirl
Couldn’t be simpler.

image from

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