Frugal Tuesday: 3 cheap and delicious homemade bread recipes

(This Frugal Tuesday post is brought to you on Wednesday because our internet connection gave up working for Lent, and I was working with dial-up-era speeds yesterday. We’re changing Internet providers today, but I managed to sneak this onto the world wide web when our connection wasn’t looking).

Bread: yeast + flour+ a few other things. Really simple, so why is it $3 per loaf at my grocery store right now? Out of control. Last year, when I got really into making this bread, I nerded out and did a cost breakdown to figure out if making bread was any cheaper than buying it. Turns out, with that recipe, I could make a loaf for just under $2…which has forever ruined me for buying bread that’s any more expensive than that. Today’s Frugal Tuesday post is all about making more bread at home…for less.

1. Foolproof (Vegan) Focaccia from Crepes of Wrath
A great little bread recipe from a blog I happily follow. I find myself laughing out loud at least once a post, and this girl makes some mean recipes. Like this bread. Every single ingredient is already in my pantry. Doesn’t get more frugal than that.

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2. Have you heard of the bread in five minutes a day system from (Minnesota gal!) Zoe François & Jeff Hertzberg?  With this system, you can create a great loaf in 5 minutes a day (with just 4 ingredients!!)…starting with this basic bread recipe from the blog Bread in Five. (They also have 2 cookbooks using the same system.)

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3. Homemade Pitas from Farmgirl Fare
Packages of these little pitas can be super spendy at the store; these puffy friends are made with just 6 ingredients!  (She uses bread flour, which isn’t all that more expensive than regular flour and a nice ingredient to have hiding in the back of your pantry.)

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What are your favorite homemade bread recipes?

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