Frugal Tuesday: Cheap St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

It’s your lucky day. With St. Patrick’s Day next week, thought I’d share some Irish-ey foods with you for this week’s Frugal Tuesday…not all of them are your typical Patty’s day fare, but I offer you some unique takes on some Ireland-born goodness.

#1. Oat Soda Bread from 101 Cookbooks
Soda bread is a quick bread that originated in Ireland, which includes buttermilk and baking soda as the leavening agent. This version is a fun take with oats and sesame seeds!

image from

#2. Brau Brother’s Beef and Barley Stew from Minnesota Locavore

image from

I may be skipping the corned beef, but this stew is worth it…plus it includes Brau Brother’s Beer, a Minnesota-brewed beer. Cheers!

#3. Colcannon from Saveur

Potatoes, butter, cabbage, milk, cream, scallions, salt, and pepper. Winter-worthy soup that couldn’t be any cheaper. Thank you, Ireland!

image from

#3. Chocolate Stout Cake from Smitten Kitchen

I’m including this cake as sort of a bonus…it’s not super cheap, but it’s made with Guinness, and I an fully endorse the whole thing because I made this cake last year and it made me fall in love with dark beer all over again.

image from

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