Frugal Tuesdays: Cheap Holiday Appetizers

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and party eats. If you’re looking for some inexpensive party food ideas, look no further. While most of these ideas aren’t so much “seasonal” when it comes to produce, much like the barren winter ground around us, they are seasonal in the sense that it’s the time of year to stand around some appetizers and eat together! Enjoy!

1. Cheddar Tailgating Bread from How Sweet It Is via Tasty Kitchen
Just 5 simple ingredients! Let me just say that my jaw literally dropped when I saw this picture.

image from

2. Baked Breaded Cauliflower Bites from Naturally Ella

The only ingredient you probably don’t already have in your house is the cauliflower!

image from

I was really hard pressed in deciding whether to post these cauliflower bites or her Roasted Pear Garganzola Honey Toasts…the cauliflower bites seemed a little cheaper as garganzola can be a little spendy, but oh my gosh, I want to eat like four of those toasts right now.

3. And last but not least, more cheese. I’ve made these Cheese Straws from Smitten Kitchen and love them. Only six ingredients, and you basically have a grown-up Cheezit, which of course, will automatically make you everyone’s favorite person at the party.

image from

I am always on the lookout for more frugal holiday recipes, especially ones you can sit around and eat for an hour before you realize you’ve completely skipped lunch.
What are your favorite go-to holiday appetizers on the cheap?

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