Frugal Tuesdays: Quick & Cheap Recipes to Make When You’re Sick

I spent this past weekend getting knocked over by a vicious flu bug and did not eat even one bite of any Super Bowl appetizers. Instead, by Sunday night, I was just managing to get down some saltines and ginger tea. #SuperSick

Needless to say, we haven’t done much of any cooking around here this weekend. But this morning, I woke up with a little more of an appetite, and I started combing the internet for some germ-fighting recipes. All of these recipes pack a lot of nutrition; all are pretty cheap to make, and most importantly, all of them can be made in 40 minutes or less because the last thing you want to do when sick is be in the kitchen…or anywhere besides the couch…for much longer than that.

To health!

#1. Hurry Up I Don’t Feel Good Chicken Noodle Soup by Lady By the Bay
She made this soup in 30 minutes, and I’m testing it out tonight. (Plus, this soup seems gentle on the stomach and a good reentry into actual food.)

image from

#2. Butternut Squash Lentil Curry by A Farmer in the Dell
First, let me say, that this is absolutely one of my most favorite new blogs.
Second, I bought the ingredients for this before my stomach decided to call it quits…now that I’m recovering, and only have a super sore throat, I can’t wait to have these warm, curried lentils…plus, this meal is super nutritious. Whap! Boom! Pow!, Germs.

image from

#3. Kale, White Bean, & Sweet Potato Soup  from Whole Living
Warm, hearty, and kale-ey. (To keep this recipe cheap and seasonal, I would use 1 tsp. dried rosemary instead of the 2 fresh sprigs called for.)

image from

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15 thoughts on “Frugal Tuesdays: Quick & Cheap Recipes to Make When You’re Sick

  1. Great post! Just last night, I was thinking how I didn’t feel up to making a real dinner, like I usually do. I was wishing for something fast, easy, warm and real like these recipes! Thanks–I’ll be coming back to this again.

      • I’m so glad you tried the recipe and it was easy for you and you liked it, Liz. I’ve been making that same recipe for so many years. Some things just don’t need messing with. :) xo

    • Ooh, just checked out the recipe on your blog. I am still trying to like beets; but I love most things with ginger and coconut – and that color! wow!

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