Homemade Shamrock Shakes

Homemade Shamrock Shake I may be a quarter Irish, but the day I tried making these homemade shamrock shakes may have been the unluckiest day of my life.

I’m not kidding you. All of the following happened in one day:

Homemade Shamrock Shake Spill

My mom was visiting over the weekend while Eric was gone for work, and she and I decided to make some eggs and sausages for breakfast. Around 8:00 a.m., we were both standing in the kitchen while Owen methodically took all of the shoes out of our shoe bin, as he always does, when I wondered aloud…”Is the basement door shut?” It wasn’t. And Owen was inches away from the stairway, one motion away from tumbling down all fourteen steps.

In one crashing motion my mom and I both lunged to his rescue, colliding in our attempt to get to Owen. I ended up with a huge bruise on my hip from the corner of the counter top, as well as a legitimate rug burn on my knee. My mom’s hair got dangerously close to the lighted burner as she accidentally flung the sausage pan off the stove, catapulting eight unsuspecting sausages into sudden flight. I grabbed Owen and clutched him to my chest for about five minutes while I tried to stop shaking. (we got a baby gate the next day).

Homemade Shamrock Shake

Not ten minutes later, he was in another corner of the kitchen and suddenly started screaming. I ran over to him, and he was bleeding from one of his fingers. After we comforted him and wrestled him down to get a bandaid on his tiny finger, we fruitlessly combed the area for what could have possibly cut him but didn’t see anything except my ripped up application for Mom of the Year.

At 11:45,  I placed Owen in the crib as I pulled out some clothes for him to wear. He pulled himself to standing, bounced a couple of times, and then face-biffed it on the crib-rail…bonking his lip. More screaming. More tears. More comfort nursing.

At 2:14, I was snapping a few finished product pictures like this one:

Homemade Shamrock Shake

At 2:15, this happened:

Homemade Shamrock Shake

I didn’t even lunge to stop the second glass from spilling. I just watched it as it poured onto the floor…and under the table legs, onto the curtains, and all over my jeans. I even found some on the basement floor the next day, as it apparently dripped through the heating vent.

Homemade Shamrock Shake Spill

Fortunately,  my mom was here or I would’ve have probably sat down then and there and cried as Owen crawled around in the milkshake puddle. I used almost an entire roll of paper towels to clean up the mess…but not before taking a picture of this Shamrock Shake double homicide. (This is as close as I’ll ever get to being a crime scene investigator).

I thought maybe things would calm down after that. But the day continued as it had started. My mom destroyed me in Boggle (4:00 p.m.), and then, as we were cooking dinner at 6:00, my elbow knocked into the handle of the frying pan, and sauteed onions went all over the kitchen floor.

Homemade Shamrock Shake Spill

The only lucky part of the day was these shakes, which were delicious, and very McDonaldsy (which is only a compliment when speaking of their Shamrock Shakes). Actually, these homemade shakes sort of destroyed my last remaining reason to even go to a McDonald’s (which I’ve done annually on March 1st the past few years).

Milk, vanilla ice cream, green food coloring, mint extract…whipped cream and green sugar if you want to make it pretty. Blend. Pour. Enjoy your Shamrock Shake. And wish for better luck tomorrow.


Homemade Shamrock Shakes

Homemade Shamrock Shakes

(recipe from Craving Comfort )

(yields 4 servings [2 c. glasses] or 3 super tall glasses, as pictured)

This easy homemade Shamrock Shake recipe tastes just like McDonald's and is the perfect addition to your St. Patrick's day party!


6 c.(1.5 qts.) vanilla ice cream

3 to 3 3/4 c. milk (see note)

3/4 tsp. mint extract

27 drops green food coloring


Optional: (Redi-Whip) whipped cream, green-colored sugar


Blend ice cream, milk, mint extract, and food coloring in a blender until smooth (I suggest starting with 3 c. milk and adding up to 3/4 c. more, depending on your desired thickness).

[No blender? You could use a hand mixer as well!]


Pour into glasses. Top with whipped cream and colored sugar if desired.

(To rim the glass as I did, moisten outside of glass with water, using your finger to spread it evenly around the glass. Dip glass into a bowl of the colored sugar and twist to coat.)



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30 thoughts on “Homemade Shamrock Shakes

    • How great to see your beautiful pictures and read your wonderfully written “hope-you-can-laugh-about-it-now” tale. My birthday is tomorrow and I gave up ice cream for lent but shamrock shakes are my favorite so I decided break fast & to celebrate today. I went to 2 McDonalds and to my great distress, they were OUT OF THEM (by 6pm on 3/17.) Needless to say, I can’t wait to try your recipe! Thanks!!!

      • What are the odds?! I can’t believe they were out…TWO of them! I’m glad I’m not the only one who puts Shamrock Shakes in my top 5 fast food guilty pleasures….enjoy your birthday shake with no Lenten McShame :)

  1. I must confess, I’m not much of a blog reader, more of a blog “looker”, same goes for magazines. However, in this case your pictures compelled me to read and I’m glad I did, which leads me to another confession: the record of your unlucky day, brightened my day, which was looking rather gloomy. I especially enjoyed the picture of the tipped over shakes and this line “…catapulting eight unsuspecting sausages into sudden flight.”

  2. Your day reminded me of the book, The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day which was a favorite. The shakes look great and delicious however and would like to try them sometime :)

  3. We don’t have icecream…. But as soon as I do have some I might just have to try it… Oh boy, not a good day :( If you ever need relief just stop over and pick me up, or drop the baby off :)

  4. Those shakes look delicious–even the ones on the floor. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the story about your day (especially the part about catapulting sausages). Look at it this way: You got all the bad stuff out of the way in one day so you should be golden for the next few weeks!

  5. Oh Liz, what a bad, bad day. But on the flip side, those Shamrock shakes looked awesome and your photos were amazing. I’m so relieved Owen was ok from his near fall and his little cut finger. Something tells me your mom was meant to be there today for support.

    Tomorrow will be a brighter day!

  6. You are so funny Liz! Sorry you had a rough day but thank you for sharing it for our benefit. I’ve had a few days like that myself. In fact, just yesterday, MJ, pointing to the insanely messy house, said that it appeared the children won the day. They did. :) I’ve never had a shamrock shake but will be trying these. Thanks!

  7. Hi Liz,
    Sorry to hear about your day. Pretty ironic that “Murphy” came to visit you on St. Patrick’s Day. Glad to hear that you kicked him out! :)
    We lost my Dad this past week and St. Patrick’s Day was his favorite holiday. My Mom is celebrating a second time this coming Saturday for the family and friends who couldn’t be there. I will share a link to your site so that she can make this treat for the grandchildren.
    “May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    The rains fall soft upon your fields,
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you
    In the palm of his hand.”

    • Sorry to hear about your loss; what a sweet way to celebrate your dad’s life by re-celebrating his favorite holiday. I pray your family finds solace in this time and that the sweet blessing you shared will be true for you and yours!

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