How Pinteresting

Let’s be honest. Pinterest is taking over the world. And what a more beautiful, creative, and delicious world it will be once its domination is finally complete.

carpe-pinterest I’ve been using Pinterest for quite a while now, vascillating between utter submission to its siren song and occasional bouts of self-denial when my task list so requires. But recently, I made a little space on Pinterest just for Carpe´ Season. One of the reasons I most love Pinterest (beyond its tendency to lend itself towards puns…Pinteresting, One more Pinute, Pinsanity) is that I finally have a way of cataloging recipes I want to try without filling my inbox with links to recipes that I will never find again. So I thought I’d contribute to the visual feast with a pinboard for each season, plus a few fun extras.

If you’re so Pinclined, check out Carpe´ Season’s new Pinterest page here
and leave the link to your pinboards in the comments;
I’d love to see what’s catching your eye these days too.

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4 thoughts on “How Pinteresting

  1. I don’t yet know how I feel about Pinterest. A friend of mine referred to it as how the world’s most creative people have a garage sale. Only it’s of things they think they need rather than things they can live without.

    Either way…I’m excited to see what you’ve got!

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