I Guest Posted…Again.

It looks like I'm yelling, "HEY YOU.....BUY LOCAL!!!!!!!" at people walking down the sidewalk in front of our house, pelting them with tomatoes to the face, like some kind of fanatical Michael Pollan-ite. But I'm not. This is my face showing how excited I am to have grown my very first tomato. Also, pictures like these are the reason our computer is so slow. We have thousands of them.

This is how not on top of things I am lately:
1. I have to keep writing down what time I took an antibiotic because I can’t remember from 6ish hours ago.
2. I left a tupperware of lasagna on the top of my car, and it pretty much melted in the sun.
3. I did not realize I was scheduled to be guest posting on two different blogs on the same day.

I blame Owen with his night-owl tendencies.

So yeah, the other day, when I guest posted about the quinoa, I was also featured on my local-food movement hero Amy Sippl’s blog Minnesota Locavore. She set up a great series in which she put out some great and thought-provoking questions about local food to myself and other bloggers, and I’m loving the answers I’ve been reading from others.

You can check out my own thoughts on local food (the whys and hows) here. Stay tuned for the rest of the series as Amy vacations in California. (Side note: why is everyone in my life going to San Francisco lately? Is it to make me insanely jealous? It’s working.)

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