My Summer Cooking Playlist

We’re slightly preoccupied. We haven’t been the most aware of the outside world in recent weeks. In fact, just a few days after we brought Owen home from the hospital, a delivery man came bearing flowers from Eric’s office. He apologized for coming so late in the day, citing all the traffic from Obama being in town. Eric and I looked quizically at each other: the President is here?

But I did know that summer arrived, in all its solstice-y glory. I just didn’t mention it here. On a seasonal blog. And we are loving on summer already (I’ve got a fantastic strawberry recipe coming your way in a few days). And we’ve been working on our summer playlist, which is a happy reflection of my mismatched musical choices of the past and present. Before I met Eric, I loved country music and hip hop. Then, he started playing me folk songs (my reaction, a story for another time), and somewhere along the way, I turned into a folk fanatic, only busting out some serious hip hop when home alone and cleaning.

So this playlist? It starts a little more on the upbeat side. Some songs to play with your windows down (unless, of course, you are living in a jungle climate like we have been lately). And then, it transitions into some completely relaxing, softer tunes – perfect for listening to while sitting at the beach, trying to nap.

We’ll be back in a few days with one more New Mama Meal post, and then, that strawberry recipe as promised. In the meantime……enjoy!


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7 thoughts on “My Summer Cooking Playlist

      • Michael Franti, OK GO, Vampire Weekend, and Passion Pit are all pretty summery in my mind. Also I’ve had “Float On” by Modest Mouse in my head all day today; and for moments that require something more folksy the Weepies are my go to for chillin and thinking about life (whilst on a beach?).

        Keep the awesome recipes and playlists coming!

  1. I’ve been waiting for the summer installment! Just the thing I needed for an evening in front of the computer. Hope you and that adorable baby are surviving in this heat!!!

  2. I hope your family is doing well, especially in the heat. Take time to enjoy
    Owen and I will look for your recipes when things settle down.

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