Overheard, Vol. 2


Learning How Things Work:
Owen: Mom, cn I have some yer juice?
Me: No, you have your own juice on the table.

(30 second pause)

Owen: I’m sick.
Me: Oh, that’s too bad. What part of you is sick?
Owen: My aaaaarm. It hurts.
Me: I’m sorry. What do you think would help?
Owen: Me drink yer juice.

How Owen Sings the Alphabet:
kelow enemy
two wavy
now i know my abshees
next time wone yew sing wif me
yayyyyyy!! (wild self-applause) 

owen-1  Postpartum Reality:

Me: (Sneeze!) “Ooo, Mama’s gotta pee all-of-a-sudden.”
Owen: (looking out the window, confused) “Mama’s ga pee outside?”

Toddler Brains:
Owen: Where’s my Bible?
Me: I think it’s by the rocking chair in your room.
Owen: Where’s my nother Bible go?
Me: On the shelf in your room.
(repeat sequence four times)
Owen: Yaaa. On the shelf…Where’s my nother Bible go?
Me: One is by the rocking chair. One is on the bookshelf.
Owen: Nother Bible go in the sky.
Me: Sure.

While making the bed: 
Owen: Jesus made the sky!
Me: That’s right!
Owen: Jesus made the bugs!
Me: Yep.
Owen: Jesus made the bed.
Me: So to speak….


18 Times a Day from Owen:
Iyeel (It’ll) be awesome!
It’s my best faaaaavrit!
I have a queshun, for yeeewww.
I have ideeeea.

Our Weekend:
Errybody in da crib gettin puked on.


These images were all taken from our Instagram account. You can find us under the username @carpeseason. Let us know how we can find you! 



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6 thoughts on “Overheard, Vol. 2

  1. I love (love, love!) that you are documenting these! My mom always told me to write everything down, and of course, I didn’t get around to it. I know I’ve forgotten so many of the sweet things the kiddos have said!

    One of my favorites: Each year, our church has a fire drill. During that day, when we picked my oldest (she was 2 at the time) up from Sunday School, I said “How was Sunday School? What did you learn?” Her response: “Jesus says, ‘Don’t be afraid. This is only a drill.” And she was totally serious.

  2. omigosh – hope that wasn’t the entire WEEKEND

    Always write these from time to time – so nice to have a record! Too adorable – from the other side of toddlerhood.

    I do remember always wanting to be a mama who never ignored what their kids were saying

    By the third one it was sometimes a challenge – and she talked more than the other two combined

  3. I missed this post, somehow. I was horrible at capturing those conversation…I am so glad you are doing it. And glad you survived the puking weekend…

    • I’m trying. Often, I jot down these conversations with spit-up on my shoulder while Owen comes precariously close to getting the magic-marker drawer open…but something’s gotta give, right?

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