Overheard, Vol. 4

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On a Road Trip, A Week Before our Month-Long Sugar Fast Began:
Me: I want Dairy Queen.
Eric: (drinking Mountain Dew) No, no we don’t need that stuff.
Me: Fine, I’ll settle for gummy worms.
Eric: Here, have some Mountain Dew…it’s basically liquid gummy worms.

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Gift Giving:
Owen: (rifling through our diaper bag…finds wrapped sanitary pad and triumphantly holds it up) Hey! This is a present for Milo’s birthday! 
(…a few hours later…)
Owen: (finds same pad) Hey! This can be a card for Granpa Ron!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.57.34 PM

Unknowingly Cryptic:

Owen: (playing with a white plastic target hanger) This is an airplane. Granpa Ron is on there. An Gramma Karen is wif him on der.
Me: Where are they flying to? To California to see Baby Sosie?
Owen: No, they flying to heaven.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.55.54 PM

Owen: (coming down the stairs) I be careful. I hold on to the kangaroo.
Owen: Wanna play ‘druckins wif me?

**2 points if you can guess what ‘druckins means!**

These images were all taken from our Instagram account. You can find us under the username @carpeseason. Let us know how we can find you! 

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6 thoughts on “Overheard, Vol. 4

  1. Trucks?

    That top picture is worth about a zillion dollars – fantabulastic!

    I think Owen needs a box of sanitary napkins to hand out to friends and relatives LOL

    • We love that top picture too! :) Trucks is close…it is actually how he says “construction” – as in “do you want to play constructions with me?” (ie…build a road with his tractors :) ).

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