Overheard, Vol. 5

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Telling it like it is: 
Owen: Mom, you’re smelly today
Me: Oh…well, what do I smell like?
Owen: Like dirt or somefing.
(moments later)
Owen: (farts) Oh, I just farted.

After we watched Tiny: A Story about Living Small:
Eric: Owen, did you have any dreams last night?
Me: I think I dreamed about Tiny Houses. I was trying to cook in one and really stressed out.
Eric: Yeah, the first time you try to cook anything in a Tiny House, you’ll realize you made a huge mistake…because your counter-space is your table, is your bed, is your bathroom shelf.

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Past, Present, & Future:
Me: Owen, can I hold Mama Pound Puppy? She was mine when I was a little girl.
Owen: No, she’s mine. When I was a little boy, she’s mine.

On Gift Giving:
Me: Owen, what should we get dad for his birthday?
Owen: (looking around room) An elephant!
Me: An elephant?  A real one or a toy?
Owen: A toy….a toy that goes pfbrrrrr! (clapping excitedly) A NOISY toy elephant!
Me: Yeah. He’ll love that.

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Innapropriate on A Lot of Levels:
Owen: (holding a finger puppet elephant and plastic pig) This is Zaccheus, and this is Jesus!
Me: Oh, okay. Well what are they doing?
Owen: (motioning with Plastic Pig Jesus) Zaccheus, you come down! We going to your house for lunch today!
Me: What are you going to serve Jesus for lunch, Zaccheus?
Owen/Zaccheus: Ham sandwich!

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After a Day of Cooking:
Me: Woah! Eric, you did all the dishes while I was gone? I can’t believe you got them all done.
Eric: Yeah. That was like the Jesus-feeds-the-5,000 of dishes.

Misheard Lyrics:
Owen: Where is thumpkin? Where is thumpkin? Where is pointer? Where is pointer? Where is tall man? Where is tall man? Where is ringman? Where is ringman?  (holds up pinkie) This is Grandpa Ron!

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These images were all taken from our Instagram account. You can find us under the username @carpeseason. Let us know how we can find you! 

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3 thoughts on “Overheard, Vol. 5

  1. Great giggles this morning. Ah, reality is great. You can’t make this stuff up! Thanks for sharing…and Good Morning!

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