Over breakfast…
Owen: (pointing upstairs) Mama, der’s a gian eccavader up der!
Me: Um, I don’t think there’s a giant excavator upstairs. That’s pretty funny though.
Both: (chewing toast)
Me: (sipping coffee and stretching)
Owen: Mama’s tired.
Me: That’s actually true.

Friday Morning, April 4, with 6″ of snow on the ground….
Eric: Doesn’t seem to be many kids walking down the sidewalk to school today.
Me: Maybe they cancelled school because of snow………oh wait! It’s spring break this week.
Both: (silence)


On the couch with Owen and Elsa…
Elsa: (explosive poop sound)
Owen: (smiling hugely) Elsa poopin’!
Me: That’s right.
Owen: (making grunting noises and his “pooping face”)…We poopin’ agether!


18 times this week…
“Owen, the trash is NOT a toy.”
“Watch out for that puddle, Owen!”

“No, we do NOT eat the peel on an orange.”
Owen, dad’s computer is NOT a coloring book.”


These images were all taken from our Instagram account. You can find us under the username @carpeseason. Let us know how we can find you! 

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  1. Just starting following you on Instagram, so excited to see more of the kiddos! You can find me @extraordinarilyemma

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