Authentic Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie I entered the workforce around the age of 14 as a proud busser/hostess at Scuttlebutts – a restaurant in my hometown of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It was there that I learned the finer points of clearing tables, refilling drinks, and through gritted teeth, patiently telling demanding patrons that no, there was nothing I could to bump them up the list on our 40-minute wait.

You see, Lake Geneva is a town of about 8,000 people that swells to close to 20,000 in the summer, when droves of upper-class Chicagoans descend on the small town, hauling speed boats and jet skis behind their luxury vehicles. It was as obnoxious as it sounds.

Yet, those tourists were my bread and butter as I eventually became a waitress at Scuttlebutts. It was a good job that I held over many summers, but those were also some of the longest, hottest summer days of my life. Our tiny kitchen had no AC, so working there was an exercise in controlling back sweat. And one of my favorite ways to refuel while waiting for an order to be ready was to take in a huge spoonful from our industrial-sized cans of whipped cream.

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Peach Pie with Lattice Crust

I used to be afraid of double crust pies. Pies are already high maintenance enough, and so to add a crust to the top seemed like a fool’s errand. It could rip. It could be chewy. Worse…it could burn. And … Continue reading

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A 10-Pie, 10-Pi Birthday Party

Last week, on June 27, I turned 31.4 years old. So, naturally I celebrated my 10π birthday…with 10 pies. Here’s the ridiculous backstory:

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Wheat Berry Kale Salad with Rhubarb-Ginger Vinaigrette

When I tell people about this blog and its focus on seasonal eating, often they will ask me if I’m one of those locavores who only eats things grown within the state. And my reply is no…because I live to eat … Continue reading

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Bacon-wrapped Egg Cups with Cheese & Spring Vegetables

On the tail end of our honeymoon (seven years ago!), Eric and I stopped to have breakfast with a friend who lived in the city we were flying out of. She took us to a little breakfast spot that I … Continue reading

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Road Construction Tractor Birthday Cake

An Introductory Note: Owen turned two last week, and we celebrated his birthday with a bunch of friends and their kids last weekend. In the weeks prior, Owen and I had perused Pinterest together, and out of dino, dog, and … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season…

…for camping and anniversaries.  A couple weekends ago, Eric and I celebrated our seventh anniversary with a little overnight camping trip. By ourselves. We dropped the kids off at Eric’s parents house, stopped at one of Alexandria’s renowned kettle corn … Continue reading

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Classic Cheesecake

You guys, berries. I made this cheesecake for the berries. I go a little fruit crazy this time of year, at the first sign of berries popping up in the market. I buy a pint of strawberries, or two, and … Continue reading

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Last Sunday was one of the beautiful days – warm and sunny and weekendy. When evening came, Eric’s dad got his fishing boat ready, while we got Owen ready. Sunblock, hat, snacks, carseat, as Owen, over and over again, happily … Continue reading

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Easy Pea Pesto

Today, my good friend Rachel and I took all the babies to the zoo. I had Elsa in an Ergo; she had Ollie, who is just nine days younger, in hers. I chased Owen, who is somehow and heartbreakingly almost … Continue reading

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Overheard, Vol. 2

Learning How Things Work: Owen: Mom, cn I have some yer juice? Me: No, you have your own juice on the table. … (30 second pause) … Owen: I’m sick. Me: Oh, that’s too bad. What part of you is … Continue reading

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