Puppy Dog Birthday Cake (for kids!) (from scratch!)


Well, you guys, Elsa is one. And I’m kind of an emotional wreck about it. We had a little birthday party for her over the weekend, and I made this puppy cake for her because this girl loves her some canines. The recipe is at the bottom of the post, but if you’re up for a good ugly-cry with me, you can watch this little video that Eric put together of Elsa’s first year of life…

And then you can read this letter I wrote to her. I don’t have baby books for either of my kids because how does anyone ever have time to actually do that? But I have written them these monthly letters to keep track of what’s going on in their lives. Here is Elsa’s one-year letter…


Baby Girl, you are one! One! You have been with us an entire year, which just can’t be true. This year has gone far too quickly, and it feels like I blinked, and tiny, squishy, scrunch-faced newborn you turned into this baby with all the giggles and rolls, and then I blinked again, and this almost-toddler with enough hair to make a mullet was standing steadily at the ottoman, thinking seriously about walking across the room to get in on some Cheerios action in the kitchen.

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