Deconstructed Banh Mi Salad with Grilled Vietnamese Chicken


What’s worse than being sick?
Being sick in the summer.

You guys, my kids and I have had it all the last few weeks. We’re like an ice cream truck of germs…we walk down the street, and every kid that approaches us leaves with some form of illness we’ve had over the past month.

What’s that you want, sonny? A runny nose with an additional deep chest cought?
Coming right up.

Say, little girl, you ordered a high fever with some vomit and an unexplained rash?
Be right with you.

Well, ma’am, you’re in luck – we just got a fresh batch of persistent sore throat in back. Buy one, get a sinus infection free. 

It’s been ridiculous. I mean, this is summer. And despite the germs, I think we’re trying to make the most of it…but really, we’ve been sick for most of July. Something’s gotta give.

banh mi salad

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Overheard, Vol. 3

Diagnosis: Me: I wonder if he has an ear infection. He keeps tugging at his ears. Eric: Owen, does your ear hurt? How does your ear feel? Owen: It smells like bugs. Eric & Me: (confused…reaching for more coffee) 

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