Cooking Playlists

2013 Fall Cooking Playlist

Cooking Music - Fall 2013 by Eric Berget

2013 Spring Cooking Playlist

Cooking Music - Spring 2013 by Eric Berget on Grooveshark

2012 Winter Cooking Playlist

2012 Cooking Playlist

2012 Summer Cooking Playlist

2012 Cooking Playlist

2011 Cooking Playlist

2011 Fall Cooking Playlist

Any recommendations?

16 thoughts on “Cooking Playlists

  1. My SPRING recommendations:

    Mumford & Sons “Feel the Tide Turning”

    or The Avett Brothers “Head Full of Doubt”

    or Cloud Cult “Running With the Wolves”

    And for the upcoming SUMMER playlist:
    Jason Anderson “July 4, 2004″
    I could only find a live version-not good quality:

    • Ooh – I will have to check those out, but with Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, and Cloud Cult, I know I”m in for a treat – way to recommend – love it!

    • Never heard of him before, but I like what I’ve heard on Spotify so far. (Rock Island might have to make the next playlist! )

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