Recommendations for Your Eyes, Ears, & Tastebuds

Hey Everyone! Our RESOURCES page is up and running. On it, you’ll find the following fabulous recommendations by Carpe´ Season:

Websites: I am an avid blog reader. These are some of my very favorites, especially the food blogs. All of these bloggers are fantastic writers, and most of the content is downright useful, though some is just for fun. I’m constantly finding new recipes, fun projects, and general inspiration.

Movies/TV Shows: If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably heard of most of these movies – all entertaining and super informative. And as for the TV shows, while I don’t have an actual crush on Gordon Ramsay (like 98% of women), I do have a crush on Indian food. His first season of Gordon’s Great Escape is a spectacular way to get your authentic Indian food fix. If you don’t know about the Perennial Plate, you should. Watch the webisodes and try not to leave your job to move to the country.

A scene from the latest episode on the Perennial Plate

Books: Lately, I’ve been turning to Simply in Season before anything else, but each one of these books helps us eat with the seasons. They are all fantastically useful cookbooks. As for the non-cookbooks on this list, I can’t recommend them highly enough. All of them have been highly influential as to how I think about food, and on top of that, they’re just great reads. Also, it’s very clear from this book list, that in addition to having a crush on Indian food, I also have one on Michael Pollan.

Other: Not much in this category yet, but I hope to find conferences, events, and other random happenings to add here. For now, I have the Minneapolis Food Swap, an event I haven’t actually had the courage to attend but hope to one day.

I’ll definitely be adding more to this page as time goes on,
but I’d love to hear your recommendations in each of these categories too!


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