So this happened last Friday night:

The storm was brief but knocked down trees and power all over Minneapolis. We spent the night and part of Saturday without power while listening to sirens do their thing throughout the city. It was kind of intense.

We are still without an internet connection at home, so I (Eric) am posting this from work. We should be back online soon with a fruit dip that will knock your flip flops off…I can vouch for it.

But until then, here’s a little glimpse into our last few days.

This is what Owen and I look like after not really sleeping all night. We're used to sleeping with fans, so the power outage just about killed us all in that regard.

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3 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Isn’t it so weird how many trees just — bloop — toppled over seemingly rootless. Like fake trees at an amusement park. So weird. And sad. Hope you have power soon!!!!! (The fan thing was hard on us too — we are so first-world!)

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