There is much in my little world that calls for thanks… food on the table, our cozy little house, honeycrisp apples, lakes and trees and industrious cardinals in our back yard, the promise of spring, good books, this blog and the community around it, folk music, labrador puppies, hot showers…not to mention the smell of newborn heads.

But as I look back at 2012, here are a few things that nearly take my breath away with thankfulness….

The arrival of this little man into our family has brought me more happiness and depth of emotion than I formerly thought possible. Each day, he causes me to stop and wonder at the fact that I get to be his mom forever.

I am so grateful to be the one who gets to introduce him to the world…one bite at a time.

I am ever, ever thankful for Eric. There is simply no one else in existence who could possibly be more perfect for me. He is the very essence of love itself in my life, filling my days with kindness, laughter, and far more often than I deserve, forgiveness and grace.

I’m so thankful for our families, the way they talk and laugh together, the ways they love Owen, the ways they have supported us, For example, my mom. When Owen was born, she came up and stayed for a week, caring for us and serving us in such sweet, sweet ways. (Seriously, you should have seen the post-labor mess she cleaned up before we got home from the hospital…actually,no one should have ever seen that. Ever.) I hope Owen thinks of me someday the way I think of her.

And I’m not sure where I’d be without our “Minneapolis family” of friends. They know and love me for who I really am, text me puns they come across, and are there when things are generally falling apart, usually holding a seasonal pie.

And I’m thankful that the God I serve is not distant or callous…that He is intimately involved with every inch of this world, caring for it and calling it gently to restoration in Himself. I am thankful that He knows me by name and invites me to call Him Father.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Love your photos. I’m also very, very thankful for my family. I love being a mother…..motherhood changes your life forever! I feel very lucky to be spending Thanksgiving with my parents, my hubby and our children Becca & Chris.

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