The Holidays Cometh

“And so it begins.”
I know this video is a little bit of a downer…especially coming from someone who, as she’s been holding her baby up to look out the window this past week, has been singing “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” as they stare together out onto their brown and barren lawn.
So don’t get me wrong. I’m excited for the holidays…but I also know that with the holidays comes the reality of shopping and shipping, packing and baby-on-board road tripping. I guess the moral of the story is…you’re not alone in the craziness that is to come.

So, it’s two days until Thanksgiving, and today, in lieu of Frugal Tuesday, we’re talking leftovers. (Although, really, what’s more frugal than eating leftovers?)

If you’ve got several pounds of bird left come Friday, you could make these turkey hand pies that we made last year.

Or, you could whip up these unique turkey sandwiches which I’ve been dreaming about since I found the recipe a day or two after we were out of turkey last November.

image from

If you’re sitting at my family’s table this Thursday, you will sit and chat for an hour after you’ve finished eating, slowly picking away at the food remaining on the table, leaving you with fewer leftovers than you’d like. But if you happen to come from a more sensible, less grazey family, then these cinnamon-sugar doughnuts…made with one cup of mashed potatoes…are for you!

image from

Need some last minute Thanksgiving ideas? Check out our Thanksgiving page here!
Gobble. Gobble.

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