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Eric and I tend to seek out movies that have been described by my mom, among others, as “quirky” and “weird.” We can’t disagree; I mean, for weeks now we’ve been scheming a way to see The Grand Budapest Hotelnot knowing whether Elsa could keep her cool for two hours in the theater and not being ready to leave her sometimes-bottle-refusing self with a babysitter just yet.

But quirky, weird, or not, it’s not often that we’ll turn down the chance to see a documentary. We’re pretty much documentary junkies, and we’re definitely those people that you’ll overhear at a party obnoxiously praising the merits of some obscure documentary we’ve just seen. It’s true.

So when we were contacted about our interest in seeing The Starfish Throwers,  we were more than on board. The documentary tells the story of three individuals who are doing incredible work to take on hunger. The key here is individuals – Katie, a nine-year old girl in South Carolina, Allan, a retired school teacher in Minneaoplis (represent!), and Narayanan, a top-tier chef in India. All three made a small choice to do what they could with what they had to help the people in need around them, and all three have had tremendous impact on their communities.

What impressed me was that these three people are actually doing the work of feeding the hungry. They are the faces bringing food, bringing compassion. And while they now have a wider network of people who are contributing to their efforts, it is still the three of them happily and deeply involved in the day to day interactions with the food and the people. Their work and stories show that everything big starts small. I loved that.

Throughout the movie, again and again, you hear the message that food is love, which I totally resonated with. You see the faces of the people on the receiving end of these meals, and in their eyes, there is that edge of relief in knowing that someone cares.

Guys, this movie is straight-up inspiring. There has been nothing short of a chain-reaction to the simple acts of kindness done by Katie, Allan, and Narayanan. I totally recommend that you check out this movie, and it’s a great one for kids too, especially with the storyline of Katie, the nine-year-old.


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Right now, it’s being screened at festivals around the world. And you can see it right here in Minneapolis on April 10 or 12 at the International Film Festival. In fact, I have two free tickets to the 4:00 screening on the 10th at St. Anthony Main Theatre for the first person to email us at

If you’re interested, you can read more about the film at, or connect with them on their Facebook page to find out about future screenings and online viewing opportunities.

I received no compensation for reviewing this film; just the happily received opportunity to watch it! 


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8 thoughts on “The Starfish Throwers

  1. Shoot – wish I could enter, but I wouldn’t be able to make it at that time. But great to know that you liked this film so much.. I really want to check it out sometime!

  2. I’m a huge film buff! I love a good quirky movie – Wes Anderson is by far my favourite director (Sofia Coppola comes in at a close second). I’ve yet to see his newest film, but loved “Moonrise Kingdom” last year!

    Documentaries are another thing completely, the amount of documentaries I watch is ridiculous. This one sounds fabulous, I’ll have to wait for a release in my city (or perhaps on Netflix, as they seem to get all the best docs these days anyways). Love when food and film combine! Saw a great foodie doc in the fall called “Spinning Plates” highly recommended!

  3. Will definitely check this docu out. We, too, are always looking for recommendations. Thanks for suggesting. Last night we watched “Another Day, Another Time” T.Bone Burnett put this concert together based on the folk and Americana music that was represented in the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis.” It was gorgeous with some of the best musicians – Avett Brothers, Mumford, Joan Baez. Others unknown, but so worthy. We loved it.

    • Oh my goodness. I’ll have to check that one out – we loved the Llewn Davis soundtrack, so sounds like “Another Day, Another Time” would be right up our alley. Thanks!

  4. I know someone who would take on the challenge of watching O and E so you guys could go to Grand Hotel Budapest…(-: Saturday, maybe??? Call me!!!

  5. This has given me hope in this Selfish World. So many peopkle are homeless, and alone.Our city has many food banks. We grow vegs, and buy chicken where my husband works. We donate what we buy to the homes. Churches here go to the parks and give out sandwiches twice a month. This has inspired me more. I wanted to cry,because so many people walk away. I’m semi-retired,only one patient left. I do Hospice and Geriatrics in my home. I had Cancer,and as a nurse, and my children grown I decided to License my home. Been doing it since 87 now it’s time as my Heart has become bad. But this will not stop me from volunteering my time to help others. I’m on 02 most of the time,but love, and caring is what I live for. If I didn’t I would not be able to be as active as I am. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

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