‘Tis the Season…

…for summer Saturdays. 


Last Saturday, we all hit up the Mill City Farmers Market in Minneapolis. It’s set in this section of the city that’s right on the river, surrounded by old buildings like this old Gold Medal Flour factory:


Owen probably walked like five miles, and we somehow managed to keep him from getting run over by bikers the whole way. Glad I brought the stroller…to carry the tomatoes back to the car. He has no interest in riding anywhere these days.

We checked out the Stone Arch bridge and watched a barge go by as Owen yelled “Booooooooooe! Booooooooooe!” (because everyone knows the t on the end of the word boat is such a waste of time).


After our market trip, we hit up a few garage sales (what Eric and I would do all day if we could) and then went out for brunch at Sun Street Breads, where I basically inhaled a dish containing crispy fried chicken, bacon, and gravy. #40poundpregnancyorbust

The end.

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