‘Tis the Season

…for weddings! 


This last weekend, we were honored to be a part of Eric’s brother David’s wedding to his new bride Julia. Isn’t she beautiful?

The wedding and reception were held at Julia’s family farm, a gorgeous spot in the middle of nowhere. It sort of rained the entire day…

wedding-day-9 and it was a little chilly… wedding-day-7

But we all enjoyed the day, watching these two lovebirds get married.

wedding-day-8 There were groomsmen. And lots of umbrellas.  wedding-day-10 And a wonderful morning spent getting ready with my two sisters-in-law and the other bridesmaids.  wedding-day-12


This is the face I make when I feel fancy.

The wedding was followed by a reception in which I ate mashed potatoes that tasted like Doritos (I will recreate this recipe) and a couple of tear-inducing dances.
wedding-day-13 Love this.
wedding-day-14 Owen enjoyed the day immensely, mostly due to the three giant dogs that live on the farm.  wedding-day-19 And I may or may not have teared up when he got pulled down the aisle in a little red wagon, all gussied up.  wedding-day-21 We had so much fun being a part of this wedding, and I couldn’t be happier that a girl as great as Julia agreed to marry into this family of Bergets (I think David’s pretty pumped too.)  wedding-day-20

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