‘Tis the Season…

…for NOT getting a dog.


Last weekend, Eric, Owen, and I headed to a beautiful dog park just a few miles from our house…without a dog. The park is wooded and runs along the Mississippi River – which Eric and I love. And it’s full of dogs – which was Owen’s favorite part.

dog-park-1 The boy booooooooofed his way through the entire park, eyes lighting up at the passing of every dog.

dog-park-2 And every one of those dog’s owners said something along the lines of: “Oh! He loves dogs, doesn’t he! Which one’s yours?”

dog-park-6 And we would sheepishly say something along the lines of: “Umm, we don’t have one. We’re just here because it’s beautiful out and it’s possible that our son loves dogs more than he does us.”
dog-park-4 And they would say, “Well, are you going to get one?” dog-park-54 And we would say, “No, we’re getting him a sibling instead.”


This is not the season for getting a dog. But it is the season for beautiful walks, coffee in hand, baby on back, through the woods.

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2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

  1. These pictures are very sweet. My three boys love dogs too, but one is allergic to them so we enjoy other people’s dogs at the park too. Love your blog!

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