‘Tis the Season…

…for apple picking. 


Today, we took a trip to the apple orchard despite somewhat blustery weather.

This was really Owen’s first experience with the orchard (last year, many of Minnesota’s orchards were apple-less after a late-spring frost). Mostly, he took individual bites out of 56 different grounded apples, threw them around like balls, and ran up and down the rows like it was his job.


As usual, we were happy to be joined by the Johannsen family!



But this year, we also had the pleasure of orcharding with a few other people from our church: the Rowleys and their two adorable daughters as well as a new friend, Kristin. Apple-Orchard-6Apple-Orchard-10

Bound by tradition, Brad and Eric faced off in their epic apple toss competition, you know, the one in which they basically throw their backs out in an attempt to throw apples about five feet with a shotput-like motion…using only their mouths. It is super manly and impressive.


But newcomer Matt outdid them both this year and looked pretty graceful while doing so. Just look at that form.


Despite the clouds, wind, and a lost hat, we made the most of apple season, picking a huge bag of honeycrisps that I’ll probably dream about tonight. And of course, photography nerds that we are, we made the most of all of the vintage farm machinery at the orchard. And so did the older kids.

If that’s what we have to look forward to in a few years, I’m happy that for now, our little guy is content to just sit (safely) on the tractor.


I’ve got apple crisp in mind, and maybe some more of these super easy apple cinnamon rolls. What’s on your apple-to-do list this fall?

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10 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

      • Holiday Apples are a cross between a Jonathon and Macoun. Mildly tart, white flesh.Great for baking because they hold shape in cooking. Tends not to brown. Makes chunky sauce. The Apple Barn in Elkhorn, WI are the only apple orchard that I know of who carry this apple. If you come back this way and they are still open you should check it out :)

  1. Love, love, love this post! We always make a trip to the orchard – and bring home a big bag of honeycrisps, too! They are, by far, my absolute favorite! My local store recently got in a great shipment (because my bag that I bought at the orchard is all gone!) with honeycrisps as big as my head. They are enormous!! And SO delicious!!
    Gotta say – I may have to introduce my husband to the epic apple toss. I couldn’t help laughing just picturing how funny the whole thing was! Your photos were fantastic – totally ok that you are a photography nerd! :)

    • Emma Krumbee’s in Belle PLain – despite the weather, it was so fun. They even had a camel around! (He looked kind of wet and cold too) :).

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