‘Tis the Season…

…for snow days. 
owen2 This past week, winter stretched out its long legs, kicked back, and settled in with a big cup of coffee, planning to stay a while.

owen4 On Thursday, I sat and looked out the window as rain turned to sleet turned to ice turned to snow…and snow and snow and snow. We got absolutely buried here in Minnesota.  owen3

But even as our enthusiasm for this season has waned, it seems like Owen is only growing more excited about the cold and snow. He was a little hesitant with winter at first…but now all day he looks out the window and talks of “no cows” (snow plows) and “no balls.”


And I respond by telling him, “Owen, it’s -35* out. We can’t go outside.” But he’s undeterred…perhaps because when he’s outside, things like this happen.

P.S. That’s Eric, getting in to the Olympic spirit with a luge demonstration on the world’s shortest luge run.

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8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

  1. Oh my gosh you poor thing – I absolutely cannot imagine having weather like that as often as you do! But Owen in his snow gear (and coincidentally Wes in HIS snow gear) are way too cute!

  2. Let me tell you Owen is just way to cute,and his
    Dad, well he is being a kid at heart, both are just having fun, you have to make to most of what you have, and if it’s snow, well so be it!

  3. Too cute! I live in snowy mountain ski town CO and I love that you all are getting out there! Summer will come soon enough, enjoy! And thank you for the delicious recipes all the time; always inspiring me!

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