‘Tis the Season…

…for indoor outings.  wild-rumpus-1 This last weekend, after a delicous breakfast at one of our favorite spots, courtesty of Eric’s dad, we took a little family outing to the Wild Rumpus bookstore.  It’s a bookstore totally made…for kids.


mini door within a door. what?!

It seems like the warmer it gets outside (50* today – woot woot!), the more I want to get outoutout! (Especially after five straight days at home last week while our car was getting worked on). But it’s not quite spring yet…and if you’ve ever tried to take a walk with a toddler, you know that the last thing you need is icy sidewalks slowing you down.

wild-rumpus-3  So, we made our outing indoors. We read a bunch of books, and even ended up buying the follow-up to one of our current favorites.

But the real highlight of our trip were the animals. This bookstore comes replete with critters: chickens, cats, ferrets, and various other birds. Owen loved listening to the birds and watching the chickens, and I’m sure we’ll be back.

Later today, after his nap, we’ll for sure be heading out for some icy-puddle walking, because after this winter, 50* feels like 80*. But we love these fun little spots in the city when the weather isn’t so cooperative. What are your favorite indoor outings (Minnesotan or not!)

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10 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

  1. Aww you are so cute with your Moby wrap! I am definitely ready for some outdoor outings. That bookstore looks amazing. We usually just go to the library but haven’t been recently because the one year old wants to pull everything off the shelves… I did resort to mall walking a few weeks ago but my kids don’t care for walking without a purpose (like a park at the end). We also love the Little Blue Truck books but haven’t tried that restaurant yet. We usually end up at Keys Cafe when we’re in town!

  2. This totally takes me back to my childhood! My mom would take us to Wild Rumpus or the Red Balloon Bookstore (I don’t know if that one is still open). Once it gets a lot warmer, you guys should definitely head to Minnehaha falls. There’s a dammed up portion of the creek (300-400 meters from the actual falls) where the water is just a foot deep, and it seems like there were lots of toddlers playing in the water every time I went. Also, Silverwood Park in St. Anthony is the other best place (slight bias, I got married there). Almost every Saturday all summer long you will see a wedding, and there is some really fun sculpture art that you can climb on. Okay, last one, Isle Bun and Coffee… I’m guessing you’ve been before, but if not Amazing. I love Minneapolis. Really the last one, I think Wild Rumpus bookstore is near to Penzey’s Spices, probably not the most kid friendly store, but I hope you get to stop in sometimes.

    • Great suggestions, thanks! We live pretty close to Minnehaha falls – we’ll definitely have to check out that swim area this summer! And yes and amen to Isle Bun & Coffee!

  3. Wild Rumpus is on my list of places to take the kids. We live south of the river so we have a membership to the MN Zoo. The indoor tropics trail is heaven in winter and the zoo farm is so much fun on a nice day.

    • I’ve been there one time…for a friend’s 30th birthday party. We had an epic game of tag going until they kicked us out asked us to leave.

  4. I love your blog for your wit, recipes and photography. (In that order, though it’s a really close tie for all three!) But this one wowed me for your Moby skills. Can I get a private lesson?? I can get mine on and can even get Paige into it, but I’m pretty sure there’s a better way!

    • Ha! You come on over anytime, and we will Moby up together over some coffee. I have YouTube and YouTube alone to thank for knowing anything about the Moby :)

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