‘Tis the Season…

…for Easter Bunnies and Baby Bonnets. 


So this one time, I tried to put Elsa in a bonnet from my childhood for Easter because it would be adorable and sentimental, right?

And she apparently thought I was trying to personally ruin her life.
We finally got her settled down so we could take a picture of her looking like the world’s chubbiest pilgrim. You’re welcome.
easter-9 We spent Easter up at Eric’s parents’ house. The weather over the weekend was gorgeous, and as we spent a lot of time outside… easter-6 …even getting in a bonfire one evening.  fire-2 On Easter, we took one of our better family photos before church. We enjoyed the service at his parents’ church (Eric’s dad is the pastor!) very much, and Owen especially liked the part that included a live baby lamb!  Eric-Liz-Owen-Elsa

 After church, the lamb was outside in a crate. And so, Owen the Toddler, right at eye level with the lamb, was all up in the lamb’s grits, super excited – until the lamb baaaaed, super loud, and Owen had a heart attack. He spent the rest of the afternoon recovering with his candy basket.

easter-7 The whole weekend felt like spring, which made us feel like this:  easter-1 And now we’re facing 10 days straight of highs in the upper 40′s and an almost constant chance of rain, so we’re looking at pictures like this to cope. (And to answer your question, No, I cannot stop kissing this girl’s cheeks.)  easter-8

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10 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

  1. Seriously the cutest EVER!! I did the same thing to my daughter:) Too bad I didn’t get a pic! LOVE the family pic too! So freakin’ cute!!! And your outfit is awesome~ Looking good Mama♥

  2. What a beautiful family you have! Love the bonnet, she is so cute in it. She will laugh some day and cherish that picture!

  3. What I mainly think about this post is that I think you could be a hair model! You are so gorgeous!!! Let that hair down more often!

  4. “World’s chubbiest pilgrim.” This makes me excited to have children that I get to force what I think are cute things on them. Thank you, I can’t stop laughing.

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