‘Tis the Season…

…for camping and anniversaries.  camping-2 A couple weekends ago, Eric and I celebrated our seventh anniversary with a little overnight camping trip. By ourselves.

We dropped the kids off at Eric’s parents house, stopped at one of Alexandria’s renowned kettle corn shops for provisions, and set up camp at a nearby state park.


When we were dating and first married, we went camping all the time. And for the past three years, our camping gear has sat dormant in rubbermaid bins thanks to pregnancies and newborns (because, really, can you imagine anything worse than being a pregapotamus and sleeping in a tent?)

I think the picture below most truly demonstrates how kid-free we really were for the day. We arrived at the state park around 4:30, set up our tent, and decided to go for a short hike around 5:15 – otherwise known as Toddler Dinnertime. We took with us nothing but our camera – no diaper bag, no goldfish, no stroller. It was glorious and freeing and such a good time to talk and really BE together.  camping-1 We took selfies and talked about important things and made s’mores and laughed. We talked about the past and hoped for the future and looked around at all of the other people camping with their kids with both relief and admiration. We slept in, went out for a leisurely brunch, and genuinely enjoyed one another.  camping-5 This guy – he’s it for me. I can’t imagine even wanting to be with anyone else. He knows me well and loves me still. And I am thankful for every day that I’ve had and will have with him.  camping-4

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