‘Tis the Season…

…for snow!
thanksgiving-1 We’ve had a handful of snows in Minneapolis this year, and it’s been so fun to play in it with Owen because he can actually walk more than 1.7 steps without falling this year. And when we drove down to my parents’ for Thanksgiving, we basically drove into a winter wonderland:  thanks-8

One morning, we took a walk on a state trail made on an old rail-road track line with my dad.
thanks-3 thanks-4 It was stunning. And more importantly, so quiet. And the Country Mouse within kept whispering: Why do you live where the snow is muddy and gray?  thanks-5 thanks-2 This is how Owen feels about winter. How he has always felt about winter, even as a tiny, tiny baby. The second we’d take him outside, even on bitterly cold days, his face would be overtaken by smile.  thanks-6 Elsa, on the other hand, does not seem to have inherited our Russian/Scandinavian tolerance for the cold like her brother before her. This is her “Why Don’t We Live Closer To the Equator” face:
thanks-9 We did a lot of sledding,  thanksgiving-8 and traipsing through the snow,  thanksgiving-3 and snow wrestling,  thanksgiving-7 and explaining just exactly why it is that we do not eat yellow snow.  thanksgiving-4 It was such a sweet time with family and food, each experience made more significant by the fact that my parents are trying to sell the house I grew up in, surrounded by the woods and quiet that defined so much of my childhood.  thanksgiving-9 Despite the fact that it takes me 35 minutes, at minimum, to dress my children for winter and get outside, it does us so much good to breathe cold air and discover all the different types of snow, and get our ruddy cheeks on. ‘Tis the season for snow!

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9 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

    • If it makes you feel any better, every single time we get dressed to go play outside, Elsa cries the entire 15 minutes it takes us to wrestle her into any semblance of snow gear, which in turn makes Owen cry, “No Elsa! Stop crying!” over and over :) and then she rarely, rarely smiles once outside.
      But hooray for the Midwest, amIright? :)

  1. Oh your son will just love Christmas this year. So happy for you. Loved all the pictures. Next year will be even better for the kids. Hope Santa is good to you too. You have blessed us all so much.

  2. Beautiful photos. I think that Owen is a Mini Me of your father. Check out his close up with that of your dad. Find a baby pic of your father.

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