‘Tis the Season…

…for schizophrenic spring weather.

On Tuesday, April 22nd, Minneapolis looked like this: minnesota-snow-april On Saturday, April 28, I took the same walk…in a tank top.


This has been a crazy spring. Last Monday, I went in to the grocery store and got totally sucked in to their cabana-like display which housed grills, charcoal, lighter fluid, and more. And I bought myself a big bag of Kingston…because even though Monday’s high was 46* and up to 6″ of snow was predicted overnight….

April Snow Minnesota I knew Saturday was supposed to be a high of 74*. That’s a difference of 28, friends. Twenty-eight.  minnesota-snow-april When I lugged my giant bag of charcoal onto the checkout conveyor, the cashier looked at me, looked out the window at the heavy sleet that had just begun falling, and said, “That is a faith purchase, young lady.”


Faith purchase indeed. But my faith was rewarded, because into the 70′s the temperature went this weekend, and there was great rejoicing in the Land of 10,000 (Frozen, Unfrozen, then Frozen, then Unfrozen) Lakes.  minnesota-snow-april park Even though nobody wants snow in April, I have to admit that these late-spring snowfalls were gorgeous. And so, at Eric’s encouragement, I strapped Owen on my back and made the most of it by taking some pictures that tried to capture this unseasonable beauty.

minnesota-snow-april While Owen seemed to enjoy ducking under snow-laden branches in a white winter April wonderland…I think he’s pretty excited about what the warmer weather will bring:



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5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

  1. I grew up in Minneapolis and now live on the East Coast. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them about crazy Minnesota weather changes! Love this! While I don’t miss the -50 winters, I do miss some of the comedy that ensues.

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