‘Tis the Season

…for the Pizza Farm! 

Let me tell you about the pizza farm, friends. The pizza farm is located in Stockholm, WI – about 90 minutes away from Minneapolis. I have some friends who have been long-time fans of the farm, and so last fall, my friend Heidi and I took a road trip with Owen to check out what it’s all about.

And it was kind of magical.

Basically, every Tuesday from about May to October, the pizza farm opens its barnyard up to hundreds of people and serves ridiculously unique and delicious wood-fired pizza. Most of the ingredients come straight from the farm itself.

You bring your own plates, utensils, drinks, sides – everything but the pizza. You’re invited to sprawl out on blankets or to set up your own camping table and chairs to chow down. The suggestion I’ve heard, and what I experienced, is to get there early (the hours are 4:30-8:00 p.m.) as waits can be up to an hour and a half during the evening’s peak. After you place your order, you can walk around the farm, oohing and aahing at the cows and sheep like the urbanite you are.

We had a lovely time, though Heidi was still a little first-trimester nauseous, and is eager to go back with a full appetite! The grounds are beautiful, the pizza outrageously good – a for sure once-a-year if not twice experience for us going forward.

Also, to make our evening even more magical…there happened to be a legitimate celebrity-sighting:

What, don’t you see him?

Here’s the same shot with some creepy, paparazzi-zoom:

While I’m definitely not one to be star struck, and am often hard pressed to remember any actor’s real name ever, I love Justin Vernon and his band Bon Iver. So when I saw him hanging out with a bunch of his friends (a mere hour away from where he went to college), naturally I did not go anywhere near him but instead took super creepy pictures from far away, pretending instead to shoot the cattle in the foreground.

I was so pumped to show Eric my pictures and sneaky prowess when I got home.

The reason I’m sharing the pizza farm with you now is that the farm was about to close its doors for winter when I went last fall. By sharing it now, I’m hoping, if you’re anywhere near the Midwest this summer, that you’ll make a stop in Stockholm…and take some super creepy pictures of your own so I don’t feel so weird about it.


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23 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. While this is the “premiere” pizza farm (and the Justin Vernon sighting is awesome!!), there’s another similar outfit up near Grantsburg WI that’s actually open Sunday’s which may be more convenient for folks than Tuesday. It’s nowhere near as polished as the one you visited, but you can check out the farm animals and the goat cheese is fantastic.

    Pizza by the Pond:

    • Good to know, Aaron! Will definitely have to check that out. Sunday is a little more convenient, and it appears to be open 2-8:00 – much easier hours with a little one in tow :) Thanks!

  2. Ah, the pizza farm… we were going to go there yesterday, but the rain put a damper on that. Don’t feel weird about your paparazzi pics, we also have a few photos from that day with Mr. Vernon and his posse conveniently positioned in the background.

    • I probably would have walked right by him if you hadn’t pointed him out. That’s the sad part about it :) I owe you guys for that experience!

    • I feel like your boys might interpret “barnyard pizza” as something made with dung…either way, glad to provide a laugh all the way up in Canada!

  3. Yes, I too have taken ‘the super creepy photo’ – of Susan Sarandon at LaGuardia. There were no cows there, just business folks in the Delta lounge – but of course, I was just ‘checking my e-mail’… I would have much rather have seen JV while I was ‘checking my e-mail, er I mean looking at a cow… Very cool because I like him lots.

    Oh, and I’ve been hearing about that darn pizza since I moved here and can’t decide if a former San Francisco foodie snob like myself would really enjoy it, or if it’s just Midwesterners making the best out of things. Hopefully the former, thanks for the review!

    • Susan Sarandon! That is awesome! Way to be!
      We just lost my brother-in-law & his wife to the San Francisco area and are gearing up for a visit to go on some serious food-touring.
      Here’s hoping the farm doesn’t disappoint!

  4. Do you ever run into business ideas and think “man – I so should have done that!” This sounds like my perfect gig. Farm + Pizza.

    Now if we could just get some warmer/dryer weather to go check it out…

  5. Pizza Farm! Yes! I experienced it for the first time last summer. “Magical” was the word I used to describe it, too. Can’t wait for a trip there this summer. Fingers crossed that I have a celebrity sighting.

  6. My friend is going to be opening a pizza farm soon in Princeton. She’s an amazing chef and it’s going to be so much fun! So stay on the look out for Alpha and Omega Pizza Farm in the next few months. They have to renovate the farm house before they can move in.

    • Princeton? That’s so much closer to Minneapolis, AND home to our Uproot Farm CSA! That’s so exciting! I’ll have to keep that in mind – does it have a facebook page or anywhere they will be posting updates?

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