The Exact Place (A Giveaway!)

This past weekend, our friends Sarah and Brad hosted a meet-the-author event for the author of one of our most recent favorite books – The Exact Place. And we happily attended.

The Exact Place - Margie Haack See, a couple of months ago, Eric devoured this book, while I inched closer and closer, ready to snatch it out of his hands once he finished and gobble it up myself. This is a good, good story, friends. Author Margie Haack, in essence, tells the story of how she became who she is, a story set a stone’s throw away from Canada in rural northern Minnesota, a story of how God found her amidst the chaos of five siblings in a three-room house and a stepfather that she could never quite read. This memoir sings the praises of wild blueberries and indoor plumbing while simultaneously calling out the fact that there are universal human realities that are painful and real but not without purpose. Nestled between these stories of tragedy, humor, and hospitality are many of Margie’s mother’s locavore-worthy, visitor-welcoming recipes…most of them desserts. Clearly, this is my kind of book.

The Exact Place - Margie Haack But beyond the book itself, Eric and I have had long-admired Margie and her husband Denis. They are bedrock members of the L’Abri Fellowship, and each year that we get to attend the L’Abri conference in Rochester, MN, we eagerly look forward to hearing Margie and Denis speak. Their words – both spoken and written – have played fairly formative roles in how we view the relationship between faith and culture.

The Exact Place - Margie Haack

So, we went. And I (somewhat shyly) met the author, who was as warm and inviting as I thought she would be, and there was wine, and many of the desserts from the book, and as many people as Sarah and Brad could fit into their cozy house on what was an obscenely cold April night.

The Exact Place - Desserts

Dessert recipes from the book

This week will be The Exact Place Week on the blog. I’ll be posting two of my favorite recipes from the book…and we’re happy to say we’ll be giving a way a copy of this book to one of you at the end of the week. If you’re interested…

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:
1. Leave a comment below indicating that you too would like to read this book!
2. For an extra entry, like Carpé Season on facebook or, if you already do, share the link to this post on your facebook page and tell us that you did so in the comments.
3. For an extra, extra entry, tweet about the giveaway and let us know that you tweeted like a boss.
4. You can give yourself one more chance by pinning the picture of the book and commenting to let us know!

The giveaway entries will be closed this Saturday, April 20, at midnight, CST, and the randomly selected winner will be announced the next day!

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40 thoughts on “The Exact Place (A Giveaway!)

  1. Love your blog and would LOVE to read this book, it makes me think about my family and our gatherings as I grew up and the food that was always at each event and why specific foods went with specific events. It also makes me think beyond living generations to those in the past and the traditions they brought from Scandinavia, the traditions that still exist and those I will pass on to my kids and grandkids. :-)

  2. Margie’s husband, Denis led me to my church home in Rochester, MN. I was new in the community and looking for a place to worship. I frequently ran into Denis filling the pulpit for various churches. He was amazing! I asked where he normally attended church and visited Trinity where I also met the late Edith Schaeffer and my future husband! What a gift! Thanks Margie and Denis! I would love to read Margie’s book!

  3. Northern Minnesota, about someone’s faith, recipes included – I’m in! Reading that there are recipes at the end of each chapter made me think of the book Peace Meals. It’s all about a journalist’s experience in war-ridden countries, and is quite good. You might want to check it out!

  4. I too would love the read the book! The practice in my bookclub is to allow the upcoming hostest to choose the book we’ll discuss in her home. This book sounds like an excellent choice… both for the story of a woman’s journey; spirituality…. and desserts! Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

  5. I would love a copy of this book! Especially since I live just about as close to Canada as it sounds like she did. (Seriously, I kid you not when I say I’m looking out the window at work and see the border crossing…) :)

  6. Pinned it! Um, sorry. I didn’t realize I would be letting you know in the same place. Haha. Dang, I wish I had a twitter acct.

  7. I remember reading Heidi as a child and to this day the thought of warm bread and cheese gives me comfort. When you mentioned the book and pulling these out of the oven I was hooked. I have to read it!

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