Introducing: What’s in Season?

So it’s pretty hard to know what’s in season where you live. Unless you’re a farmer. Or you go to farmers’ markets. Or you have crazy-awesome grandma skills. Grocery stores will stock fresh asparagus next to bright red bell peppers like it ain’t no thing, and that’s just confusing.

So when Eric showed me this widget – yeah, it’s a real word – that helps you figure out what’s in season where you live, I knew we had to include it on Carpé Season.

Introducing our new page: What’s in Season?  Simply choose your state and current month, and it will generate a list to show you what’s in season at that time and place. There is also a tab for Farmers’ Markets. You just type in your zip code and how far you’re willing to go, and it shows you the nearest markets. You do not need to press the go button on either tab. The list generates right after you enter both fields of information.

Finally, we’ve created a link on the right of the homepage in the sidebar so that you can find this resource easily.  I hope you find this gidget  wadget widget useful.

A couple of disclaimers:
1. We totally did not create this. It came from this website. But we’re working on something awesomer. That’s right. Awesomer.
2. Sorry the widget left you out, international friends. (Rwanda shoutout!)
3. Minnesotans, please, for your own sake, do not look at California’s seasonal produce at any point between October and April unless you are prepared to move there.


4 thoughts on “Introducing: What’s in Season?

  1. Ok, that’s awesome. But unless I’m buying this particular produce at a farmer’s market or co-op, I may not be buying local, even if it is in season here. Right?

  2. that Rwanda is ME! (abby) you probably knew…

    mangos are OUT of season right now. i’m bummed. but passion fruit. passion fruit is amazing, and always seemed to be in season. liz- this blog is amazing! love every bit of it!

    • I knew it was you :) And it makes me happy every time I see “Rwanda” show up in the comments! You’ll have to do a mango-licious guest post when they’re in season. And then I will salivate all over the computer. Jealous.

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